You're Going Down

Gemini is a gangster by night and a normal teen by day, second in command of one of the most powerful gangs in New York. Sienna is a professional spy, intent on bringing crime down. Red's just been in too many bad places in her life... What happens when all three meet?


14. Prison. I'll Make So Many Friends!

Gemini's POV

I woke up with a jolt, and I wandered over to my balcony and I tried to tell the time, not trusting my clock. The sky was painted with soft fuchsias, violets and yellow. Morning sunrise, the sun shone proudly on the horizon, its rays reaching out to all corners of the sky. I yawned and stared forlornly at 'Nate's' house opposite mine. A 'For Sale' sign was plastered over the entrance, almost completely covering the usual mint green of the gates. They worked fast. I stumbled downstairs, half asleep, and was quickly grabbed a cup of coffee, sipping slowly until I heard the doorbell ring. I pulled open the door, not checking who it was, and came face to face with the black barrel of a gun. 

"You are arrested for gang activity and illegal drugs," The man pointing a gun at my face smirked under his mask but I still saw it. Well I wasn't going down without a fight, I knew I was going to lose though, even a blind person could notice the circle of police cars and armed men in my front lawn. I threw the coffee into the man's face and kicked him where it hurts most. I raced to my weapons room and whipped out a pair of guns. Lucky I didn't have any parents or this would be awkward. I used the gun to smash through the window and used my escape route down the alleyway on the side of the house. But when I got to the end of the alleyway, an armed man was leaning against the wall but didn't notice me. I crept up onto him and smashed my fist into his nose, hearing a crack in the process as I ran like a madman out. Smooth move that was. I was immediately seized by a flurry of arms and numerous guns were pointed into my face.

"Nice try, but it's not that easy to lose us," Another armed man grumbled.

Caught. Dammit.

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