You're Going Down

Gemini is a gangster by night and a normal teen by day, second in command of one of the most powerful gangs in New York. Sienna is a professional spy, intent on bringing crime down. Red's just been in too many bad places in her life... What happens when all three meet?


12. Moving Day

Sienna's P.O.V.

I know everyone says that moving day is a stressful time, but seriously, they're not moving to a God damn underage prison, are they? Anyway, all I'm allowed to take is a sack full of crap because they want me to seem like I was thrown out of my house and have been living on the streets...

I'm leaving today, and the Boss Man isn't being very reassuring; all he talks about is the game plan and communication... Did I mention I had to learn Morse code for this? Yeah, so now the only thing I'm going to take is some old torch, a pocket knife ("Which is to be confiscated by them immediately") and a teddy bear that's missing an arm.

I set off in a black car to this place which is in the rural town of Doffare, and I fell asleep on the journey; the only thing that was interesting on the journey was counting the sheep, and, well...

I woke up and the car was roaring outside a large and run-down building with barbed wire encircling it, buzzing with a devilish electricity. The chauffeur exited the car and escorted me to the front desk slowly, but he stopped me by the door so we were out of sight, and handed me a piece of gu.

"Here, you need to look as street-life as possible," he whispered. That's not even a word, is it? I had been dressed in black ripped jeans accompanied by a crop top with a skull on it, and my earrings were large hoops of fake gold.

I was ready.

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