Papa, Can You Hear Me?

Greece, 2030, Post-World War 3. Greece have been kicked out of the EU. Many are left starving, and some have died. Wren, a twelve year old girl, is abandoned when her father is visciously attacked by a wolf on the streets. Left to fend for herself, the ony thing that really scares her is these visions she always has about her Mother being captured by "the enemy". When she finds out where her mother, originally thought to be dead, could be held, nothing will stand in her way to find it.


6. Wolf Meat

During the rest of the morning, we set up traps and he helped me catch and skin a few rabbits- a bit boring, really- and then we sat down as the blood red son dissolved back into it's own sky, and ate like Kings. Well, I say kings, I mean better than people like me who got kicked off their own streets as soon as things started to get ugly.

We went back to the traps that evening, dread secretly lurking in the pit of my stomach. Sure enough, when we arrived at our first site, there was a deer, writhing around in the netting but clearly exhausted. Jake guffawed callously, and ripped his dagger out of his holster, making a slit in the deers side. It let out a hapless yelp, and wriggledd around desperatley, but its energy had been drained.

"No!" I murmered "Let me do it..."

A tear dripped down my face as I watched the poor creature. I could hear her crying to her children far off in the forest, and I could hear their answer, high-pitched warbles of confusion.

"OK, show me how it's done!" he grinned unpleasantly.

And with one fell swoop, I cut the ropes barring the deer and let it scamper off into the forest. But before Jake had had time to yell, or hit me, or... I don't know what...

I had darted off into the undergrowth, too.

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