Papa, Can You Hear Me?

Greece, 2030, Post-World War 3. Greece have been kicked out of the EU. Many are left starving, and some have died. Wren, a twelve year old girl, is abandoned when her father is visciously attacked by a wolf on the streets. Left to fend for herself, the ony thing that really scares her is these visions she always has about her Mother being captured by "the enemy". When she finds out where her mother, originally thought to be dead, could be held, nothing will stand in her way to find it.


8. Sweet Dreams

That night, I had another dream. The same dream I’d been having every hollow, murky night since Mama passed. She was there, very eerie with pale white hair that glowed with radiance, trailing through the leaves toward a rock face with a jagged edge. I never knew how she got in, but she slid sleekly through the narrow gap and into a cave, her body gradually skulking gradually into a limp and lifeless state, her face completely drained of its usual vibrant colour. I could see through her eyes. Everything was blurred, and she refused to avert her eyes from the corridor ahead.  All I could hear was the faint trickle of water onto the floor. The door was barred and sinister, but she swung it open with ease and a deliberate creak., before walking high and proud into the solemn chamber that lay before her. The door creaked open, she whimpered “I want Wren back, now.”

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