Papa, Can You Hear Me?

Greece, 2030, Post-World War 3. Greece have been kicked out of the EU. Many are left starving, and some have died. Wren, a twelve year old girl, is abandoned when her father is visciously attacked by a wolf on the streets. Left to fend for herself, the ony thing that really scares her is these visions she always has about her Mother being captured by "the enemy". When she finds out where her mother, originally thought to be dead, could be held, nothing will stand in her way to find it.


5. Hunting

Once I had come back to my senses, he explained how he had been hunting the same wolf that attacked me for a few months. He presented a gleaming bow from his rucksack, and showed me the vibrations from the string. Apparently, he carried me from the scene, to here, his secluded beach which is very out in the open- and advantage considering he could kill pretty much any creature lurking in this forest.

A little arrogant if you ask me.

"Now," he continued matter-of-factually "I'm definitley gonna have to teach you how to hunt!" and he laughed, before digging in his bag and pulling out what looked like a long, sharp dagger with a holster encrusted with stones. I tapped my small dagger from my pocket, feeling like I needed some help, and stood up shakily.

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