Papa, Can You Hear Me?

Greece, 2030, Post-World War 3. Greece have been kicked out of the EU. Many are left starving, and some have died. Wren, a twelve year old girl, is abandoned when her father is visciously attacked by a wolf on the streets. Left to fend for herself, the ony thing that really scares her is these visions she always has about her Mother being captured by "the enemy". When she finds out where her mother, originally thought to be dead, could be held, nothing will stand in her way to find it.


7. By Myself

After I had run, I assumed he would chase after me, but around two hundred yards after the chase began he lost my track. I found a stream, although it was very out in the open, surrounded by a small clearing, grass daubed with beautiful florescent pink and yellow flowers, that smelled like summer before the war.

I set up a leaf-like matress on the ground just out of view and lay my head there to rest for a moment, taking in some things I had learnt and didn't want to forget. But I had learned less things that I had questions; I was always a very curious child, and I was constantly discomforted by he thoughts that provoked me, ate me alive.

Why did papa leave? Where is he now? How did my Mama die? Papa had neer been scared by wolves before, not ever, but then seemed like the perfect time... Was he escaping? From what, or who? Why would he leave me? Did he ever love me?

Exhausted by my own misery, I sunk heavily into a slumber so deep, that not much could arouse me from it.

For all was always in good time...

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