Papa, Can You Hear Me?

Greece, 2030, Post-World War 3. Greece have been kicked out of the EU. Many are left starving, and some have died. Wren, a twelve year old girl, is abandoned when her father is visciously attacked by a wolf on the streets. Left to fend for herself, the ony thing that really scares her is these visions she always has about her Mother being captured by "the enemy". When she finds out where her mother, originally thought to be dead, could be held, nothing will stand in her way to find it.


1. Wolf Bite

I lay on the stone cold floor, fingers numbed to the brittle bones beneath them; thoughts of Papa were still flooding like a tsunami through my mind. I tried to think of happier things, but all I could hear was his voice. Wren! I’ll come back for you! I shook them away reluctantly. No, I convinced myself, he wasn’t coming back, not ever, and I would have to fend for myself now. I arose from my alcove, my eyes stinging and damp from the tears. I scanned the forest expectantly for breakfast, but neither berries nor birds were to be seen through the dense canopy.  My feet were abraded on the jagged rocks as I clambered down the steep surface to scavenge for survival, clenching cautiously to the dagger in my pocket. The pain of abandonment and the trail of blood lingering behind me subsided as I touched the cool, clean, undergrowth.                                                                                                                      

A twig snapped. My head whirled round almost separately from my body to see what had moved, twitched, in the undergrowth. It was like all flashed before my eyes at one moment; the wolf, lurking in an alleyway along the rubble, my father, shouting in terror and hollering at me to run too. All at once, the beast pounced, malevolence consuming its thoughts and death smeared on its claws. Luckily, I was too nimble for it, and I dodged its attacks with ease. Father was not so fortunate. The wolf left a gash down his side, and as I scrambled desperately up the nearest treetrunk, I saw him darting in the opposite direction. “Papa!” I yelped forlornly, my voice cracking. The wolf growled dissatisfied as I sat in the treetops trembling but soon it sauntered off, its eyes bursting with a demon-like thirst, pursuing for more of the crimson liquid that made its mouth water. “Papa.” I whispered softly, but I knew that no-one would hear me anymore. I was alone.

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