Harry...Niall...The Loves Of My Life

this is a fanfic about how a girl named Nicole she meets Niall and Harry in Nados and she falls in love with harry but Niall tries to steal her away, who will she pick. this is my first fanfic so please tell me what you think! thx


5. The bad news to Niall

Harry came back to my room with Nutella and fluff on white bread. how did you know this was my favorite food. you told me a few days ago. oh yea i forgot. Thanks harry, i gave him a small kiss and we split the Nutella and fluff. after eating i realized that we had to tell Niall. Harry said the next time i see Niall i will tell him. I agreed with him, and then after a few hours he left. the next day i went to the boys house and i saw Niall there. i got to the house at about 10:00 a.m. it was kinda early but Harry told me to come at that time so i did so. Niall walked up to me and kissed me on the cheek and said good morning beautiful. i told him that we needed to talk, me you and um Harry. Harry? Niall said. why do we all need to talk. well um this isn't to tell you but, um. before i could finish my sentence Niall finished it for me and said you and harry are dating. how did you know Niall? i just had the feeling. Niall i am so sorry i didn't want to hurt your feelings. its okay Nicole you have a good heart and i know you didn't mean to hurt my feelings. Thanks for understanding. i pecked him on the cheek and walked away, i told Harry about what i told Niall, he was happy that it was over with. Niall's POV i was so mad at harry, he knew i liked her and he just took her away from me, so i had to get back at him even if it meant playing dirty.

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