Harry...Niall...The Loves Of My Life

this is a fanfic about how a girl named Nicole she meets Niall and Harry in Nados and she falls in love with harry but Niall tries to steal her away, who will she pick. this is my first fanfic so please tell me what you think! thx


8. Rest in Peace Daddy Direction

Nicole's POV what do you mean. *tears were now steaming down my face.* what happened to him. we were both crossing the street to to get some chocolates from the bakery and the bank next door was being robbed Liam saw the guy run out with bags of cash and Liam was readying to catch him, i told him not to but he just ignored me. he ran after the guy and tried to stop him, next thing i knew Liam was dead on the ground with a bullet in his head. me and harry were sobbing we could barley speak. do the other boys know i asked harry, he said he hasn't told them yet. I told harry i would tell them because harry was in terrible condition he sounded like he couldn't breathe. i called up Zayn, he realized i was upset and not my normal self i told him everything and he was on his way over, i told louis the same thing and was on his way over too, next was Niall. He picked up the phone and i heard his sweet smooth voice, he could tell i was crying, he said what happened did anyone hurt you, i said no i told him Liam died and how, he was on his way over. Once they were all here it didn't feel right it felt like a puzzle piece was missing. Zayn called up Liam's family and told them everything.  they arranged to do the funeral on Wednesday (2 days from now). after about an hour or two everyone left,but Harry, he was asleep on my shoulder. i ended up sleeping too. Harry's POV when i woke up the clock read 5:30 Nicole was asleep. when i got up off the couch Nicole woke up and asked if i was okay. i sat back down next to Nicole and said, yea i guess so, i just felt like me and Liam were brothers and now he's gone forever, but at least he's watching down on us Nicole said. Yea, i know. and the worst part is he died right near my birthday, i don't want to thing of sweet, kind Liam on my birthday because that will just remind me that he is gone forever Nicole said. i jumped up and said, wait your birthday is coming up? um yea but that doesn't matter right now. Nicole's POV Harry asked when my birthday was i said this coming Saturday. He sat backdown and he was back to reality. I jumped up out of my bed? i was screaming and crying Liam no Liam no. Wait it was just a dream? oh my gosh it was just a dream.

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