Harry...Niall...The Loves Of My Life

this is a fanfic about how a girl named Nicole she meets Niall and Harry in Nados and she falls in love with harry but Niall tries to steal her away, who will she pick. this is my first fanfic so please tell me what you think! thx


2. OMG it's One Direction?

They drove me back to there house in Harry's expensive looking car, i think it was an audi. i sat in the passenger seat, Harry attempted to hold my hand , but i awkwardly moved my hand away. i heard a familiar song on the radio, What Makes You Beautiful, by One Direction. i told Harry to turn it up i liked this song, him and Niall smiled but i really didn't know why. i heard harry and Niall singing and it sounded exactly like the people on the radio. i told them they were great singings and that they sounded kinda like the band One Direction. they both bursted out laughing. i asked why, and they both looked at me at the same time passionately and they told me that they were One Direction? i quickly took out my Iphone and looked up "one direction" on google, it was them! omg i was in a car with Harry and Niall from One Direction! i told them that they could have told me that they were in a famous boy band, i said sarcastically. when we pulled up to the house it was huge, probably the biggest house i've ever seen. they walked me in and on the way i tripped on a step and twisted my ankle. i fell to the ground with tears steaming down my face, and niall picked me up and placed me a couch, which was very comfy. Harry look at me so passionately and said "love are you alright"? i told him i was okay and he pecked me on the cheek. Niall's POV i got so mad when i saw harry kiss her, even though it was only a peck on the cheek it got me mad because i liked her, and i knew harry did too. Harry's POV i know i just met her but for some reason i got the feeling inside of me like i loved her, but as i said i did just meet her. i know Niall likes her and i do too, but it's her choice not ours. Nicole's POV i knew they both liked me, a LOT, but i just met them, so i didn't know if i had feelings for them yet. After about 10 minutes of just resting my foot on the couch 3 other boys came in, they introduced themselves to me, and they we all very handsome. Louis shouted at all of us lets play a game. Zayn suggested truth or dare, so we all got in a circle on the floor and began to play. Liam said oo oo me first, me first. Liam chose Niall. Truth or dare said liam. Niall said truth. Liam asked him if she has ever eating animal food. Niall thought for a second or two and said "actually yes". we all responded with ewwww. 

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