Harry...Niall...The Loves Of My Life

this is a fanfic about how a girl named Nicole she meets Niall and Harry in Nados and she falls in love with harry but Niall tries to steal her away, who will she pick. this is my first fanfic so please tell me what you think! thx


4. I start to like Harry, what about Niall?

 Nicole's POV About a week later me and the boys were still hanging out and it was a little awkward between me Niall and Harry. i invited Harry over to hang out because the other boys were busy and i didn't want Harry to feel lonely. he got to my house at about 1:30. When he walked in he looked at lot more handsome than usual, i don't know why but he just did. Harry suggested that we watch a movie, but he said it had to be a scary movie so i went along with it but i am actually terrified of scary movies. he pick paranormal activity which i have never seen before, but i have seen the trailer and it looked scary. about half way through the movie it started to really freak me out and i started to cuddle with harry and hide my head on his shoulder when the scary parts came. at one part i screamed and didn't realize how loud it was, harry told it was okay and that he would protect me, then he kissed me on the forehead. i began to like harry more and more. Harry's POV by the end of the movie Nicole was asleep. she looked pretty when she slept, well she alway looked so pretty. i carried her to her room and put her on her bed. i just stayed there and watched her. she slowly woke u about 5 minutes later. she asked how she got to her bed and i told her i carried her there. Awww your so sweet Harry, thank you. Nicole's POV as i was still in my bed Harry walked over and told me how sweet i was and how beautiful i was, i thanked him with a peck on the cheek, which led him to kiss me on the lips. We were kissing for about a minute, then he suddenly got down on one knee on my rug and said to me, Nicole you are the smartest, prettiest, and nicest girl in the world and would you please be my girlfriend. i was quite in shock but i shook my head and said yes. he kissed me again and told to wait here for a sec.

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