Harry...Niall...The Loves Of My Life

this is a fanfic about how a girl named Nicole she meets Niall and Harry in Nados and she falls in love with harry but Niall tries to steal her away, who will she pick. this is my first fanfic so please tell me what you think! thx


11. 4 months later (to the atlantis!!!)

*4 months later* Nicole's POV: "hey Harry can you grab my bag for me i'll tell the limo driver we will be there in a sec." "Okay Nicole i'll be right there. its been four months later and Niall hasn't really tried to make a move on me, but he hasn't really talked to me either, and i never bothered to talk to him. *beep beep* harry come on the limo guy is waiting. harry came running down with his luggage, i was carrying mine. we got into the limo and it was about a 45 minute drive to the Port-House, or at least that's what harry calls it. he told me we weren't taking  normal plane and he said he had something special for me.  when we were in the limo me and harry just talked about us, but then Harry said the most sweetest thing to me.  Hey Nicole, Yes Harry, i said. i just wanted to tell you that even if we have only been going out for only about 5 months, in my entire life time out of the people i've have ever known or dated or met you are the prettiest, nicest, and most understanding person in  the world, and i love you! oh my gosh, he just told me he loved me, i thought to myself! i didn't hesitate one bit and i said it right back to him, and kissed him on the cheek. we arrived at the "Port-House" which looked like the the outside of an airport but it belonged to one direction. there was a HUGE sheet coving what looked like a plane. several men came and took the sheet off, and underneath was a private jet, but not only that, but on the jet it said H and N Jet Service with a picture of me and Harry on it. Oh my gosh Harry you did this for me? Oh course i did, i love you. we got onto the private jet and and headed off to the Atlantis!

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