Inadvertent Hacks

Kevin was an innocent 14 year old boy who's mother died when he was only 6 due to an online scammer. Kevin gets interested in computers and programming and his dad, Scott buys him a laptop followed by 3 more. Kevin get's very advanced in programming but didn't even think about hacking. That was until one event in school caused someone to make fun of him on Facebook and caused Kevin to learn to hack... Finished, please like and favorite it!


14. Time to Hack (14)

The next day Kevin didn't do much either. He started off by just watching TV while he had his breakfast, then he went out to his local store to get some milk because his Dad said they were almost out of milk. Then after that it was dinner time. At dinner time his Dad asked how long he was expelled for and Kevin answered that he was only expelled for 1 month. Then his Dad said he should make use of his time and revise some of the work he's been doing in school so he won't fall behind. Kevin just nodded and said "ok," but he didn't really take much notice when his Dad was talking about how important it was to do well in school. After dinner and their little discussion Kevin went onto his laptop and did what he would normally do, play games and play around with some code. And then finally Kevin watched TV before going to bed.

-The next day-

"Rise and shine, another day of computer life awaits you," his alarm said as always.

Kevin eyes struggled to open. He saw very blurry numbers on his alarm clock saying the time. As his vision became more clear he managed to read the numbers '7:30 am'. 

"Too early!" he groaned to himself as he hid his head behind his blanket and dozed straight back to sleep.

A couple of hours Kevin woke again. This time when he looked at the clock it was '10:32 am'.

"Oh no!," Kevin said to himself as he realized that there wasn't much time before he was meant to run the program. He quickly got up and ran downstairs, even though he felt like collapsing to the ground. He grabbed the cornflakes from the cupboard and quickly and clumsily poured them into a bowl. He dropped some on the floor, but he didn't care he just went and got the milk. When he had made his cereal and was sat down at the table his Dad came in from the other room(he was watching TV) and sat at the table with him.

"Got up pretty late today huh Son?" his Dad asked. Kevin said nothing and just nodded slowly and then continued eating his cereal. The time was now 10:50 am and he had to run the program at 11:00 am. He ran back upstairs and waited for his laptop to load.

"Come on! come on!" he said impatiently still waiting for the laptop to load. Once he had finally got to the log in screen it was now 10:55 am. He quickly logged in and then waited for his computer to 'warm up'.

-10:59 am-

Kevin starred anxiously at the time with his mouse highlighting the program ready to click. He got so nervous he even turned the seconds on to see how long was left. The clock went: 55, 56, 57, 58, 59..

"Click!!" he shouted to himself as he clicked the mouse viciously still highlighting the file.

Suddenly a terminal program popped up with all sorts information like "connecting to the internet.." and "preparing attack". Then suddenly the terminal got spammed with "sending request to".

"Yes, it's worked!" he said to himself rejoicing in his success. He quickly went onto the forums to see what other people were saying.

"My program is up and running!" said one post,

"It's working! Facebook is getting slower!" said another.

Kevin then visited the Facebook site and indeed it was getting slower. He kept refreshing the page and each time it would take longer for the page to load. Then after about 2 minutes it wouldn't load at all. And then after about 5 minutes the error which they all were hoping for came up:

Error page not found!

Kevin then went back to the forum and posted:

"We did it, Facebook is down!"

He waited and watched as loads of other posts came flooding in saying stuff like,


"Another successful hack!",

"Good work guys"

Kevin felt quite good about himself and he completely forgot that it was a crime. Then Kevin talked on the forum for a while and then he went downstairs and turned on the news.

"Outrage! The popular kid's social networking site 'Facebook' has crashed!"

"Oh yeah it did!" Kevin said to himself. He then went back onto the forum and posted about how it was on the news. Then Kevin basically spent the rest of the day on the forum.

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