Inadvertent Hacks

Kevin was an innocent 14 year old boy who's mother died when he was only 6 due to an online scammer. Kevin gets interested in computers and programming and his dad, Scott buys him a laptop followed by 3 more. Kevin get's very advanced in programming but didn't even think about hacking. That was until one event in school caused someone to make fun of him on Facebook and caused Kevin to learn to hack... Finished, please like and favorite it!


2. The School Project (2)

-School, I.T class-

Kevin was the first one in his I.T class, as always. And as always his "friend" Luke would say,

"What nerdy tricks you got in store today, Keee-vin," Luke would then laugh under his breath and smirk at the other boys..


Kevin didn't really know why he called Luke a friend. He did have some good times with Luke, but now when he looks back at those times he realizes that Luke was just making fun of Kevin in a way that Kevin didn't realize it.


Kevin just ignored Luke's joke and sat down at the front of the class. Mr.Lanit walked over to the door and closed it after everyone had sat down. He then walked back to his desk and went on his laptop to do the register.

"Right then class," Mr.Lanit said in his calm, smooth voice, that was still loud enough for everyone to hear.

"You all know the drill, log on to the laptops while I do the register."

Kevin was first to get into the class room but was always last to get a laptop because when he was right by the laptops Luke would push him away and say,

"Get out of the way! Nerd."

Once Kevin had got his laptop and had brought it back he logged on first, as always. This was pretty much the drill for Kevin for every I.T lesson.

Once Mr.Lanit had done the register he got up and stood in front of the class.

"Today we will be learning about internet security and hackers," he paused,

"and I want you to research the top ten most famous hackers and security programs and make it into a spreadsheet on excel."

Kevin was always curious about hackers and security programs, so he took great interest in researching this subject. He found a website, and scrolled down to the list of famous hackers, but didn't look at the list. He opened excel and then set up a table. He went back to the list. He did a little jump back from his laptop when he read the number 1 hacker.

The webpage read:

1. Kevin Mitnick

2. Kevin Poulson

3. Adrian Lamo


Kevin found it creepy how the first two hackers were called 'Kevin'.

"It's just a coincidence," he thought to himself and carried on filling in the table. 

About a minute or two later he heard Luke shout from the other side,

"oh so your a hacker now Kevin?"

The class laughed. Kevin just ignored Luke. Again.


Kevin has always just ignored Luke's jokes for they didn't really go any further than a laugh or a giggle so he felt it was better for him to just keep quite and ignore him.


Kevin finished both tables.

"What should I do now sir?" he asked even though he knew sir would just reply "go around and help people". And sure enough Mr.Lanit replied,

"you know, go around and help people who haven't finished yet."

When everyone had finished Mr.Lanit got up and stood in front of the class again.

"Well done class, some nice work you have produced. Now the reason we have done this today is because your homework is to do a project on famous hackers and internet security.Oh, and I want it done by 2 weeks today." 

The bell rang...

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