Inadvertent Hacks

Kevin was an innocent 14 year old boy who's mother died when he was only 6 due to an online scammer. Kevin gets interested in computers and programming and his dad, Scott buys him a laptop followed by 3 more. Kevin get's very advanced in programming but didn't even think about hacking. That was until one event in school caused someone to make fun of him on Facebook and caused Kevin to learn to hack... Finished, please like and favorite it!


10. Luke (10)

-Luke's house-

Luke went onto his computer and went onto Facebook.

"Ahh, I'm glad i'm at home and not at school, I have actually got to thank Kevin for once.." he was writing on his status. But then he saw posts on his wall that were supposedly by him. As he read down the page he came to one conclusion, he had been hacked.

He instantly went to customer services and told them about his issue. They said that they would get the police to look into it and then put him on hold. About ten minutes later they replied that they found the hacker's IP and were going to send a police man over to the hacker's address. It made Luke feel a bit better knowing that the hacker was going to be dealt with but he still knew the damage had already been done, especially when he saw the comments about him loving Katie. They also said to him that he would get a reward for helping them find a hacker. They said that £100 would be delivered to him by next week.

Luke then just deleted all the posts that "he" had made and then he logged off.

He then went to the park to meet a group of friends.


-At the park-

"Hey Luke!" shouted James, "I hear that you fancy Katie," the group of boys laughed.

"I bet he wants to ask he out but he's too scared!" shouted Jake. And they all laughed again. Luke started to get mad and charged at James. He went to tackle him but then the other boys pushed him over and pinned him down.

"Your weak remember?" laughed Tony.

"Yeah, he said it himself on Facebook!" laughed James in reply.

When the boys had finally stopped pinning him down he got up and ran back home.

"I hope that hacker gets jailed for life!" groaned Luke angrily to himself.

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