Inadvertent Hacks

Kevin was an innocent 14 year old boy who's mother died when he was only 6 due to an online scammer. Kevin gets interested in computers and programming and his dad, Scott buys him a laptop followed by 3 more. Kevin get's very advanced in programming but didn't even think about hacking. That was until one event in school caused someone to make fun of him on Facebook and caused Kevin to learn to hack... Finished, please like and favorite it!


17. Kevin's Words (17)

-Letter to Scott-

Dear Dad,

                These days in jail seem to be getting longer. I'm now in my 3rd year of prison, thank you for sending me a birthday card for my 17th birthday! I'm really missing you and I should of never lied to you. I now know how wrong I was hacking Facebook and hacking Luke's Facebook account. I would like to send my apologies to Luke when I get out of prison, that is if I can find him. And I realize how stupid my crime was and how stupidly it started. I have also heard you have a bad cold but i'm sure you will live through it. If I am to ever go on the computer again I promised myself to never code in python again. I hope you will come up to visit the prison some time soon! Love from,



Scott then visited Kevin 10 times in prison after receiving that letter from Kevin. But unfortunately Scott then died 1 month before Kevin's release from prison.


-Kevin's words-

I should of never of retaliated to Luke. But when I did I could of handled it better. And on Facebook there was no need for me to hack Luke no matter how much he deserved it. I'v watched a few videos in prison and I now realize how bad the crime of hacking is. And because I committed such a crime I had a 5 year sentence in jail. But I had an even worse punishment, I hardly got to spend any time with my Dad. And now that i'm 20 years old I can't really remember much of my Dad, but I wish I did. But I mainly remember how nice he was to me. When I used to misbehave he used to just tell me no and leave it as that. But now it's too late to say i'm sorry in person to him because my crime has infected my life. I advise anyone who thinks their going to commit crime not to, it's wrong and it has surveyor consequences. Even if you think you will never commit a crime still watch out for it because I never dreamed of hacking, but look what I did. I never intended on hacking anyone.


To me, they were inadvertent hacks.

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