Inadvertent Hacks

Kevin was an innocent 14 year old boy who's mother died when he was only 6 due to an online scammer. Kevin gets interested in computers and programming and his dad, Scott buys him a laptop followed by 3 more. Kevin get's very advanced in programming but didn't even think about hacking. That was until one event in school caused someone to make fun of him on Facebook and caused Kevin to learn to hack... Finished, please like and favorite it!


1. Kevin (1)

"Merry Christmas!" said Scott to his son Kevin as he...

Kevin was an only child and his mother died when he was only 6. He was now 14. A lot of people at Kevin's school didn't get why Kevin had so many computers, Kevin just said to them in his deep London voice,

"Extra processing power and memory". After saying that he would then chuckle to himself as his "friends" looked at him strangely and walked away. A lot of people thought Kevin was spoiled, but they didn't say anything for they knew that Kevin didn't have a mother like them. Kevin had 4 laptops including the one he just had for Christmas, and they all were his.

"It's yours and no-one else can change that," his dad would always say to him in a serious way.

After Kevin's mother died Kevin got his first laptop.His dad got it for him so that it would "make up"  for the loss of his mother.

His mother died when she was on holiday. She was on the internet looking for deals that would make her journey back home cheaper when she got in contact with this guy named Justin. Justin said he had a great program that auto searches the internet for deals, and he sent it to Kevin's mother. When she opened the file her laptop went blank. All her credit card details, name and current location got stolen by Justin. The next day Justin(knowing Kevin's mother's location) murdered Kevin's mom.

Kevin knew all this because his dad told him and his dad was a honest man. And his dad knew it all because

"Jailed junk Justin admitted it in court," his dad would say.

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