Ariel and Urchin: New beginnings

Ariel and Urchin along with Melody are living in an old ship that he, Flounder, Sebastian, and Gabriella and Ollie fix up to where its live able. Not long after Ariel finds herself pregnant with twins, making the family happy and excited for the new arrivals. In their excitement Melody being six years old feels left out and runs away to the land of dinosaurs, Ariel is forced to stay home while the others go search because she's pregnant.


1. Moving day

Ariel and Melody are packing their things that they were taking along with them when they moved.

"Hi grampa!" Melody greeted happily, when she saw her grandfather enter.

"Hi to you too, almost done packing?"

"Yes, daddy"

"The chariot is all set up to take your stuff to the sunken ship"

"Thanks for helping daddy, by the way have you seen Urchin?"

Triton shook his head no before swimming out of the room.

Urchin swam as quickly as he could to the palace, he had promised Ariel he would help her and Melody pack, unfortunatly he had over slept. He finally arrived and hurried to find Ariel.

"There you are! Where were you?" Ariel asked swimming up to him.

"Sorry, I over slept" Urchin replied after giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Its okay, we got everything packed and being loaded into daddy's chariot"

"That's good, do you want to swim over there now to be ready when they arrive?"

"Uh huh, Melody time to go"

Melody swam out of the room and towards them smiling.

They swam out of the palace and headed towards their new home.
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