Ariel and Urchin: New beginnings

Ariel and Urchin along with Melody are living in an old ship that he, Flounder, Sebastian, and Gabriella and Ollie fix up to where its live able. Not long after Ariel finds herself pregnant with twins, making the family happy and excited for the new arrivals. In their excitement Melody being six years old feels left out and runs away to the land of dinosaurs, Ariel is forced to stay home while the others go search because she's pregnant.


2. Gabriella's true feelings come out

The new family arrived at the sunken ship and waited for their belongings to arrive so they could officially move in to their new home.  


Not to far from the sunken ship, a certain latina mermaid is watching enviously. 


 He should be with me!" Gabriella signed. 

"Who?" the blue octopus signed back confused.

"Urchin!" the latina signed frustrated. 

"Urchin? but you never liked him like that, plus he's married to Ariel now and you seemed completely  fine by it" Ollie said .

"I know, I'll go to the sea witch and have her do something about it" she signed ignoring what Ollie just said. 

Ollie was about to object when Gabriella swam off in a hurry. 

Gabriella swam to the sea witch's lair that once used to belong to Ursula, before her demise. Now it was occupied by Medusa, Ursula and Morgana's youngest sister. 

A few minutes later Gabriella arrived at Medusa's lair and swam in. Ollie who had followed her also swam in. 

"What can I do for you?" Medusa asked. 

"I want to be able to speak and hear in order to win over someone I love" Ollie translated. 

"Now, here's the deal. I will make you a potion that will allow you to speak and hear but- now listen, this is important. You must get the same response from the merman you love, to say he loves you as much as you love him. If not, you will lose your voice and hearing again" Medusa said. 

"We got a deal" Gabriella signed as Ollie translated. 

Gabriella signs contract before Medusa whips up a potion to give her the gift of hearing and speaking. 

"Gab? are you okay?" Ollie asked worriedly. 

"I-I'm fine" her voice shaky at first. 

"Gabriella! You can talk! and hear" Ollie said happy for her. 

"Great, now I can go tell Urchin how I feel about him" she said swimming off in a hurry. 





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