My Songs

This is a book filled with all of my songs. If you think one can be improved, please put the name of the song (the name of the chapter) and what you think could be edited. Thank you!


1. Death Note

I can remember the times

When we were still we

I guess I never knew

What you saw of me


Now I'm sitting here alone

Playing my guitar

I know you never asked for it

But now your ex is a star


Now I'm crying on the death note

Sitting here alone

Playing my guitar

I can still hear you moan


I'm crying on my guitar

The tears are so sour

You left me crying on the death note

In this very late hour


The beat went solo

And, like, so did you

I guess I still can't believe

That we're through


Can somebody see me?

I feel like I'm a ghost

Sitting here alone and

I'm still crying on the death note


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