Make me love you.

Cyril Devine had to go back to her hometown to visit his brother. What adventures would she have when she gets to London? Will there be a bit of romance? She wil never forget howto love ever again.


3. What Makes You Beautiful

It was a long flight from Arizona to London.

We were flying Business Class. All I did was watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. I actually love reading books. I make some novels but I never show it to anyone. It's just kept in my handbag forever. I never want anyone to see it. I'm scared of criticism. Though I want to be the next J.K. Rowling. She is my idol. 

While I was watching, I heard this girl singing... I can't quite catch the song... I know I heard it somewhere, in the radio perhaps. "Baby, you light up my world like nobody else..." I can see the smile on the face of that girl. She was so happy when she was singing along. She didn't mind when people were staring at her. I can't remember who sang that song... No, this song wasn't sung by an individual... I guess it's mainstream. I don't listen to much mainstream...

That song is stuck in my head! "Oh-uh-oh! You don't know you're beautiful!" 

I slept. 

I had a dream. I was in a dark forest, much like the forest in Snow White. I was feeling weak. Suddenly, I see this little red glass piece. It was actually a part of my heart. It was a scavenger hunt. I had to look for the pieces of my heart scattered on the floor. I searched everywhere. John was there. I got the piece next to him but when I got it, it broke into  little tiny pieces. John suddenly vanished into thin air. I only had one last piece left. There was this guy standing on front of the piece. I can't really see his face. When I got the last piece, all the pieces suddenly lit up and formed my heart. "You don't know you're beautiful" said the stranger. 

"Cyril, wake up honey." My mum shook me "See your childhood?" 
I was filled with happiness inside my body. I saw the Big Ben once again! I can here these accents. I smiled and stood up, grabbed my suitcase and rushed outside. "See you at the house mum!" I shouted "I'll just roam around!" 

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