Make me love you.

Cyril Devine had to go back to her hometown to visit his brother. What adventures would she have when she gets to London? Will there be a bit of romance? She wil never forget howto love ever again.


2. See you later Arizona

Dawn was getting near... I dressed up casually with a black tank top and jeans with a denim jacket. I arranged my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my stuff and looked at my room one more time and thought I'll be back, don't worry. See you later. 

Got downstairs, and left. I hopped to the car and take one more glance at my house.

My mum and I will be going back to London for a moment to visit my brother, Josh Devine. He's a professional drummer in a band. He hasn't told me what band was he working with... I hope they rock! I just hope that my brother would have the band to be as famous as Green Day or Fall Out Boy, or even Panic At the Disco. 

It's been a long time since I've been in the land of the Brits. Yes, I still have the accent. We migrated to Arizona because my mum had a job that was needed to be there. I never really had friends in Arizona, good thing I met Katie back in London. You see, Katie was in vacation in London when we met, what a small world right? I clearly remember the day that I met her... We were about 11 years old. She got lost and I ended up being a tour guide for her. We then saw her family. We still kept in touch through Facebook or Twitter. 

While my mum was driving, I put my earphones on and listened to Avril Lavigne. I may seem to be this punk rocker chick, but I'm not. I'm actually one of those girls who loves wearing pink and shopping and all those stuff... However, I have this punk side that I can't get rid of... I have two different characteristics that doesn't go well together. I am this girly girl, but I'm still a rocker.

Passing the Grand Canyon Village, I saw Katie on her board waving goodbye. He was with her to best guy friends, Kennedy and Stephen. 

I felt a vibration in my bag and checked what it was. My phone was ringing. It was a call from my boyfriend John. I declined it and got back to Avril. 
I love John with all my heart. But why didn't he wake up when I was there? Or he could have at least walked downstairs and she what was going on... I was a little bit mad with the fact that he doesn't seem to care. 

My phone vibrated one more time and I picked up
"Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?!" I heard John's voice,
"'I wanted to," I replied "But you were sleeping."
"Why didn't you wake me up then?" he asked "You love me, don't you?"
"Oh, yes I do." I said "But your mum won't let me in."
"What? Mother?" he asked "I'm so sorry you weren't able to see me."
"It's okay, I guess."
"No, it's not. I will miss you dearly." he said 
"Of course you will." I replied "See you soon."
"See you. I love you."
"I love you too." he hung up. 

I love John, I do. But I still had a hint of doubt that he loves me back. Weirdly enough there was this girl giggling in the background while he was talking... I didn't want to think. I want to block that from my mind. I just can't...

We finally got to the airport. 

Arizona to London

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