Make me love you.

Cyril Devine had to go back to her hometown to visit his brother. What adventures would she have when she gets to London? Will there be a bit of romance? She wil never forget howto love ever again.


4. See you around

Filled with joy, I climbed up in a Double Decker bus. I recognized the driver. He greeted me with a smile. I can not believe I'm back here. Oh how I've miss this place! I got off at the first stop. I just wanted to run and check out this place. It hasn't changed a bit. I saw my dear Big Ben, and the London Eye. I ran with enthusiasm. I saw the Bridge that I cherish. I passed the City Hall, the Enchanted Palace. I saw London guards everywhere. I was surrounded with hot British guys once again!

I saw some familiar faces. They greeted me, I greeted them. You can't imagine how I felt. I ran in circles. I felt I was in Hogwarts, or maybe in Narnia. I can't help myself. I looked like a fool who found his wonderland. Or a little kid who found his lost toy.  Plus I felt free. Free from troubles, free from disasters, and especially free from the thought of John! 

All that running around I bumped someone and we both fell down. I laughed so hard and said "I'm so sorry!" 
"Are you okay?" the guy asked "You look like a mess there."
"Haha! I'm grand!" I replied "I'm back where I belong!"
"What do you mean?" he asked, heard a little Irish accent
"Oh, I just got back here from Arizona for a vacation" I said "I'm sorry,are you new here? I haven't seen you here before."
"I'm not that new." he answered "I'm actually from Ireland. I might as you the same question."
"Ha ha ha!" I laughed "I'm Cyril by the way. I'm sorry I look like a crazy fool. I migrated to Arizona. But this is where I truly live."
"It's alright." I smiled "I bet when I go back to Ireland, I'd be as happy as you are." His smile... It lit up the world. Who is this guy?
"May I ask," I started "Do I know you?"
"I don't think so." he laughed "You just said that you haven't seen me here before."
"I'm sorry," I apologized "It's just... You seem so familiar."
"Well, I think you'll find out soon." he grinned "See you around Cyril."
"See ya." and he left.

I have no idea who he was. 'You'll find out soon' I thought. What did he mean by that? How? Irish, cute, mysterious. I didn't even have the chance to get his name. I think he's the stranger from my dream. I didn't know. It just seemed like I wanted to find him again. I wanted to talk to him more. 

I completely forgot I have to go to my old home and give my brother a big, fat, sloppy kiss! 




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