Make me love you.

Cyril Devine had to go back to her hometown to visit his brother. What adventures would she have when she gets to London? Will there be a bit of romance? She wil never forget howto love ever again.


8. Friends with One Direction

"I can't come to where ever you guys are going" Josh said "I'm busy. You guys have fun."
"What?" I walked to him and whispered "You can't leave me with these guys! I barely know them!"
"Calm down." he whispered back "I know them. You're in good hands. Don't worry."

"So," I started "Where do you guys want to go?" I asked again 
"Nando's!" Niall shouted 
"What?" Zayn said "We just got there! Excuse Niall and his large appetite."
"What about a bowling alley?" Liam suggested "You guys in?"
"Or what about the beach?" Harry insisted. "It'll be lots of fun!"
"Nah, it'll be boring," Louis said "What about a theme park?" 
"is there a theme park here?" I asked "I'd love to go!"
"THEME PARK IT IS!" Louis shouted.

We all left the house. I kissed Josh and mum goodbye. I joined the boys and walked to a bus stop. We hopped in a Double Decker bus. I sat beside Zayn and Niall. We were automatically great friends. Well, both of them had a heads up. Niall loves eating. Zayn is kinda vain. Niall loves giraffes. Zayn loves Harry Potter (Eeeep) Niall's Irish. Zayn's Pakistan. Niall's Christian. Zayn's Muslim. etc... :))

I had a great time chatting with Niall and Zayn. Those two are awesome! 

I saw the theme park right ahead. I was so excited that I stood up and the bus driver suddenly hit the breaks and I almost fell. Niall and Zayn got a hold of me and we all laughed together. Maybe Josh being a drummer of a boyband isn't bad after all. 

We got down the bus and I ran to the entrance. One Direction were still standing by the street "What are you guys waiting for!?" I shouted 
The guys then ran after me and I ran away from them. We were like little kids playing tag. Harry caught me and hugged me to the air. I had tons of fun and we weren't even in the theme park yet! 

Liam bought us tickets. I gave him my share but he wanted to pay my fee. We got in and all I can think was getting in the restroom. 
"Guys, I gotta go to the little girl's room" I said "See you in a wee."

They all laughed.

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