Make me love you.

Cyril Devine had to go back to her hometown to visit his brother. What adventures would she have when she gets to London? Will there be a bit of romance? She wil never forget howto love ever again.


1. Busted

Cyril's P.O.V.

"Cyril! Wake up!" I hear my mum calling my name while I was sneaking out the window. The adrenaline rushed to me,Ii jumped out of my room and left the house. I had my board with me. I rolled to meet my best friend, Katie. Katie was there waiting for me.

"Sup?" I said
"Nothin much bro." she replied "I'll miss you though."
"Pfft." I snorted "It's just for a couple of weeks plus, Stephen and Kennedy is still here for you."
"Yeah, but they're not as fun when you're not around." she added "Have you told John that you're leaving?"
"Not yet." I protested "Can you just tell him for me?"
"Dude, he's your boyfriend, not mine!"
"Alright. " I giggled . "I'll go tell him. See you around, love." 
"See ya." Katie said "I'll miss you!!"
"Miss you already!" I shouted from a distance, "I'll skype with you everyday!"

I then rolled out to see my boyfriend, John. I went by his house and walked towards the front yard and knocked the door. His mum got the door and asked "Oh, Cyril, what are you doing here so early?"
"I just have something to tell to John." I replied
"Can't it wait till later afternoon?" she asked "He's still sleeping."
"Unfortunately," I started "I won't be here at the afternoon. You see, I'll be going back to London. I have to tell John that I'll be leaving for a few weeks."
"Oh, dear," she said "I'll tell him for you. Don't worry. Have fun in London, all right?"
"Okay then" I said "I just wish I could see his face..."
"I'm sorry dear," as soon as she apologized, she closed the door. 

I wondered why didn't his mum wanted me to go see him. I was always there when he's at bed. What's up? Was he really sleeping? I calmed myself and said to myself Nothing's going on, he's just sleeping, nothing's wrong...

I sneaked back to my room and saw my mother sitting on my bed, "Have you packed your things sweetie?" 
"Yeah mum." I replied "You don't have to check every time you know..."
"I know," she said "Did Katie cry?"
"Katie? Cry?" I laughed "No."
"Well, we're leaving at dawn."
"Breakfast ready?" I asked 
"Yeah." she replied "By the way, just because I didn't react when you got here, doesn't mean that you're not in trouble."
"Yes mum," I smiled "I know."


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