Make me love you.

Cyril Devine had to go back to her hometown to visit his brother. What adventures would she have when she gets to London? Will there be a bit of romance? She wil never forget howto love ever again.


5. Back home

I walked to my old home. 

While walking, I was thinking of that guy. Does he know who I am? Will I know who he is? Why does he think that I will be seeing him soon? Or maybe he's part of my brother's band. But why would a boy like him be in a  band? He doesn't look rock & roll or anything... A lot of question in my mind. I have no idea why he is all over my head. I don't even know his name!

I walked by the front yard and opened the door, suddenly my brother hugged me out of no where. I was up in the air in his arms. Oh how I missed him so much! 

"Hey baby girl!" he shouted "How are you?!"
"I'm no baby anymore!" I giggled "I feel awesome! Arizona is awesome, but this is the place I belong. With you. I love being here. This is my home! Thank God I get to see you! I missed you a lot! I had no idea how to fix my problems without you! Enough about me! What about you? How's your band? "
"That's good to hear lil sis!" he said "I missed you a lot as well! You don't know how lonely the house is without you!"
"And the band?" I was psyched to hear everything about his band. I never really knew how to play an instrument. I was excited to meet his band mates. I wanted to see how they interpret themselves with their music! 
"About that..." he started "Don't get too excited. I--"
"Why not?!" I interrupted "You're finally in a band!"
"You're not gonna like this..." he said 
"What?!" I was startled "Why not?"
"Remember me telling you I'm a professional drummer?" he reminded "I didn't say anything about being in a band." 
"What do you mean?" I asked, my smile was gone "Are you like a marching band drummer?"
"Uh" he uttered "No. I work for a boy band."
"What?!" I shouted "So you're telling me that you're a drummer for a band, not in a band?!"
"Why? What happened?"
"Cyril, I'm completely happy with my decision. It's either that or nothing."
"I'm gonna go to sleep." I walked away
"Cyril, wait, please." he plead. "I know you're disappointed. But I'm glad. Why aren't you? Plus the boys are kind. They're awesome."
"Fine." I faked a smile "But seriously, I'm sleepy. Night bro."
"Sis, I'll introduce to you the boys tomorrow, alright?"
"Fine." I walked up and got to bed. 

I can't believe my brother was working for a boy band! I thought his dream was to rock with a real band! Whatever happens happen. Maybe there's a good reason why my brother signed up for this. I guess I just need to be happy for him. 

My eyes were slowly closing and I instantly slept.


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