Save you tonight!

"I'll never forget you Maeve!" were the last words he said to me before he left me. For 2 years. Through that time, I changed. I changed my hair, my eyes AND my name. I never heard from him again and I'm sure he forgot me.
Niall and Maya were childhood sweethearts, but when Niall leaves for X Factor, Maya is alone. Explore the journey of how she met him again, and how another band member fell for her, and how she mended her heart with him. But when something terrible accident happens, will she ever learn to love again? Will her memory be swiped clean because of the accident? Will the boys be able to save her? Will she choose Niall or Harry? Read to find out in the story of love, friendship, breakups, murder and devastation!


5. What he did to me!

Maya's P.O.V

"Bye baby!" Sarah exclaimed to Harry.

I saw Harry almost fake a spew about her comment.

I chuckled, finally taking my mind off of what just happened.

He must've heard me chuckle because he glanced in my direction and smiled.

I smiled back before finally letting the sadness wash over me again

Sarah suddenly span around and pushd me into the car.

We hadn't even started the car and Sarah was flying questions at me.

"What happened?" Sarah screamed.

"Well I was sitting on the chair minding my own business when 'HE' (do not say his name!) came over to me and started a conversation. I thought yeah I'll play along." I started while looking at the curious Sarah.

"We were chatting away when suddenly I found his lips on mine! I thought about pushing him off but then I'd get us both kicked out so I decided not to." I continued.

"Then out of the blue, a girl comes into the room. She started walking towards him and I. She pushed me off of him then slid onto his lap and then THEY started making out! I don't know why it hurt me but it did!" I explained.

"I then ran out here to find you and Harry kissing which made me more upset. I am sorry but I never want to see One Direction again!" I shouted.

All through out that speech, Sarah was looking at me as if to say I'm sorry this happened.

"I am so sorry! This is all my fault, I never should've accepted those tickets! I an such a bad friend!" Sarah rambled.

"It's not your fault!" I explained.








I finally gave up and got out of the car.

I looked at the sky and saw a skywrite.

What they were writing shocked me!

The skywriter wrote:

'Dear Eleanor,


From Louis Tomlinson!'

I couldn't belive it!

The guy I just kissed was asking his girlfriend to marry him after kissing ME!

I saw him and his girlfriend walk out of the stadium.

He has his hands over her eyes, before opening them to let her see the writing.

I didn't hear the conversation but I knew it consisted of yelling and a slap.

I saw the girl glare at me before stalking back into the stadium.

Louis looked upset, but I mean come on, would you feel sorry for the that just kissed you then asked another girl to marry him?

I think not.

I suddenly felt my phone buzz, indicating I had a new tweet.

I ignored it but when I felt the buzz of a new follower I had to check it out!

I was in shock.

My new follower was Niall.

And I had a DM from him.

@1D_lover20001 Do I know you?

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