Save you tonight!

"I'll never forget you Maeve!" were the last words he said to me before he left me. For 2 years. Through that time, I changed. I changed my hair, my eyes AND my name. I never heard from him again and I'm sure he forgot me.
Niall and Maya were childhood sweethearts, but when Niall leaves for X Factor, Maya is alone. Explore the journey of how she met him again, and how another band member fell for her, and how she mended her heart with him. But when something terrible accident happens, will she ever learn to love again? Will her memory be swiped clean because of the accident? Will the boys be able to save her? Will she choose Niall or Harry? Read to find out in the story of love, friendship, breakups, murder and devastation!


2. The rememberance

Niall's P.O.V:


Backstage, I was waiting for the show to start


The boys were acting like lunatics while I sat patiently on the couch, doing  the one thing I continuously do before each show.


I look at a photo of my ex girlfriend.


I took the small, crinkled photo out of my wallet and stared at it.


It was the final photo I had with my ex before I left.


She looked beautiful in this photo.


Her long brown hair was falling straight down her back and her brown eyes were sparkling with happiness. Her smile looked like it could brighten the world.


She was wearing a long, flowing green dress with white sandals. I was standing behnd her with my head and her shoulder and my arms wrapped around her waist. Her mum was taking this photo and it was one I wouldn't forget.


The memory was as clear to me as the roaring fans, screaming in anticipation...




I was about to do the hardest thing I have ever done.


I was about to ask my best friend Maeve if she would go out with me.


I sighed, staring at the crumpled piece of song paper in my hands.


I was going to sing and play guitar to her a song that I wrote myself, then ask her if she would go out with me.


I looked at the clock and made my way over to her house. (Which is right next door.)


I hesitantly knocked on her front door, debating weather or not to turn and run, but before I had the chance, the front door was flung open.


"Nandos!" Maeve squealed


"Subway!" I replied nervously. (Yeah what ever we call each other by our Favorite take away shop, hers is Subway, because she is the healthy one, and me Nandos because I'm...not as healthy.)


She must of heard the nervousness in my voice because I suddenly found myself sitting on her couch.


"What's wrong Nandos?" She asked, worry clear in her voice.


I cleared my throat and shifted the guitar around so it was in front of me.


I cleared my throat once more and began to sing.




1, 2, 3, 4.


Hey Hey Oh...


Hey Hey Oh...


It's you and me moving


At the speed of light into eternity yer,


Tonight is the night to join me in the middle of ecstasy.


Feel the melody in the rhythm of the music around you, around you


I'm gonna take you there, I'm gonna take you there


So don't be scared


I'm right here baby


We can go anywhere, go anywhere


But first it's your chance,


Take my hand come with me




I sang to her with clarity and truth. I stared at her the whole time, meaning the words that I was singing.


I strummed the last cords while looking at her emotionless face.


"Maeve...I've liked you since the day I met you. Will you be my girlfriend? " I asked, still looking for a sign in her face.


I turned to get up, but before I could, she pulled me back down and shook her head.


I cocked my head curiously, before I suddenly felt her lips on mine.


It was a slow, nice kiss that made fireworks go off everywhere.


We finally pulled apart and I looked at her expectantly.


"Yes!" She exclaimed before I lifted her off the ground and span her around.


I gently placed her onto the floor again, not wanting to ever let her go.


Of course I spoke to soon.


*End of Flashback*


I was being jolted out of my flashback by someones firm hands gripping my shoulders, trying to snap me out of my flashback.


I sighed and wished she was here with me.


"C'mon mate, time to go." Harry told me, smiling at me looking at the photo.


I sighed and stuffed the photo back into my wallet, then putting it in my pocket before jumping up to head on stage, knowing there would be time to cry about her at the hotel.


walking on stage made me feel the hot glare of the spotlight hit my eyes. Scanning the crowd, I looked at all the fans waiting for us to start. I saw a few signs that I thought were nice like, 'WE LOVE YOU NIALL!'




'YOUR THE BEST NIALL!' but other than that, I just waiting for my chance to sing.


One person in the front row caught my eye though. She looked a lot like Maeve, even though it wasn't. I looked at her with a curious face but she didn't notice me.


Maya's P.O.V:


I had thousands of screaming girls climbing and pushing over and past me, when they reach their hand down for a high five!


I wish I said no but I said yes so now I'm stuck here!




The lights started to dim and the girls started screaming.


I groaned at all the loud noises in my ears, but I don't think Sarah would've heard me with all the screaming.


They entered and I thought I felt my eardrums burst which had already happened this year.


To tell you the truth, I only hate them because Niall left me all of a sudden to join them. If he had've told me sooner then I would love them to death and be jumping around. How would you feel if your ex suddenly got up and left, telling the day he left. He left me stranded with no one, until I met Kat, but that's another story. All you need to know is that Kat is the only one that knows my secret.


Sarah was never going to know about me and Niall because her and I have a bad history as well. One that makes me never want to tell her.


They sang all their songs and I didn't stand up once.




Suddenly, Sarah was shaking me repeating "Their calling up their special girl for the first time!" in my ear.


Suddenly, I felt this hot, white beam shining on me and Sarah was screaming "It's you, it's you!"


Looking up, I saw them trying to grab my hands, which I didn't allow  until Sarah pushed me up.


I  groaned knowing I was about to face my ex for the first time in 2 years




I was indicated to sit on a chair, while the boys danced like lunatics around me. Staring at Niall, I wondered if he missed me and if he would keep the promise he left me in a note 2 years ago. I didn't notice a picture fall out of Niall's pocket until afterwards.


The boys finished off the show and asked for the two backstage pass winners to come back stage with them. Sarah was the only one that got up while the boys pulled me backstage.


I gave Sarah my famous death glare and knew that this night could get worse. MUCH worse.




A/N: Hi guys, sorry I havn't posted in a while, I have not had the chance but there is more to come!! Hope you like it, please vote and comment, THANK YOU!

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