Save you tonight!

"I'll never forget you Maeve!" were the last words he said to me before he left me. For 2 years. Through that time, I changed. I changed my hair, my eyes AND my name. I never heard from him again and I'm sure he forgot me.
Niall and Maya were childhood sweethearts, but when Niall leaves for X Factor, Maya is alone. Explore the journey of how she met him again, and how another band member fell for her, and how she mended her heart with him. But when something terrible accident happens, will she ever learn to love again? Will her memory be swiped clean because of the accident? Will the boys be able to save her? Will she choose Niall or Harry? Read to find out in the story of love, friendship, breakups, murder and devastation!


4. Revenge

Harry's P.O.V:

I sat silently in the corner the rest of the night wishing to myself I could disappear.

I mean seriously, would you if you just found your crush snogging another guy.

It also didn't help that Niall look as devastated as I was.

'I wonder what's wrong with him?' I thought to myself as I studied his face.

I sighed and continued flirting with her friend, trying to take my mind off of her.

She spent the first hour with us snogging Louis then as soon as her friend's hour was up and she left after bidding us goodbyes, I followed.

I followed her to her car and said a simple "Hey."

She span around so fast her hair whipped my face.

Tropical, yuck, the smell I hated the most.

She was so excited I could see it in her face but there was one thing on my mind.

Suddenly, I found my lips on her lips.

All I wanted was for Maya to come out and yell at her friend then I would 'PRETEND' me and her friend were a couple.

I would get my chance to get a kiss from Maya eventually.

If I was 'dating' her friend then I would be around her and confess my feelings to her.

Someday I will but for now only Niall will know.

As we kissed, my thoughts trailed off to Niall's face when he too saw the girl snogging Louis

I was kissing her friend for what seems like hours but was only 2 minutes.

The girl had suddenly come out crying to the car.

She stifled a cry and tapped her friend on the shoulder.

She cleared her throat and indicated to her friend that she wanted to leave.

"Hey babe got to go but can you give me your details so I can catch up with you later?" I asked her friend.

Her friend nodded and handed me a piece of paper with all her details on it.

I glanced at her friend then headed backstage.

I glanced at Louis and suddenly, something in my head clicked.

His girlfriend was sitting on his lap.

They were snogging.

I realised that Louis took advantage on the girl!

I cleared my throat and glared at Louis.

I will get my revenge on him taking advantage of the girl of my dreams!

Niall's face was filled with hurt and anger towards Louis.

I sighed and made my way towards the tour bus.

I had to go SOMEWHERE to take my mind off of all this.

I headed towards my bunk to clear my thoughts.

The last thing I saw before I drifted off to sleep was Niall's red face staring at the photo.

I didn't even hear him enter behind me.

Oh how I wish life was simple.

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