Save you tonight!

"I'll never forget you Maeve!" were the last words he said to me before he left me. For 2 years. Through that time, I changed. I changed my hair, my eyes AND my name. I never heard from him again and I'm sure he forgot me.
Niall and Maya were childhood sweethearts, but when Niall leaves for X Factor, Maya is alone. Explore the journey of how she met him again, and how another band member fell for her, and how she mended her heart with him. But when something terrible accident happens, will she ever learn to love again? Will her memory be swiped clean because of the accident? Will the boys be able to save her? Will she choose Niall or Harry? Read to find out in the story of love, friendship, breakups, murder and devastation!


6. Rejection

Louis’s P.O.V:

I don’t regret what I did.

She was sitting there and looking so tempting with those lips poking out as she looked at her phone.

We were talking when I suddenly planted my lips on hers.

They tasted like strawberry.

Eleanor walked in and pushed Maya off then we began making out when I remembered my surprise for her.

“Close your eyes.” I told her as I covered her eyes and led her outside.

Maya and her friend, Sarah I think it was, were still sitting in their car when I walked out with Eleanor.

Maya and Sarah looked like they were having an argument when the skywriter began.

Maya had gotten out of the car when the skywriter had finished.

I smirked and took my hands of Eleanor’s eyes and said one simple word that ruined my life.


Eleanor screamed.

But not in the way I wanted her to scream. She screamed in anger not in happiness.

“You just kissed another girl before me and you expect me to marry you?” she shrieked.

My grin dropped.

The girl I loved had practically rejected me.

 I didn’t cheat.

I think.

Maybe the look Harry gave me was trying to send me some sort of message?

“I will never marry you now if it is the last thing I do!” Eleanor screamed.

I glanced at Maya and the look on her face said it all.

She thought I deserved it.

But I don’t think I do.

Or do I?

Eleanor’s P.O.V:

How could he do this to me?

I already knew Maya due to us tweeting each other but I didn’t think she’d be the backstabbing type!

I will get her if it is the last thing I do!

Louis deserves to pay.

Liam’s P.O.V:

The look on Louis’ face when he entered without Eleanor said it all.

She rejected him.

And she should’ve.

He cheated.

And now he’ll pay.

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