Save you tonight!

"I'll never forget you Maeve!" were the last words he said to me before he left me. For 2 years. Through that time, I changed. I changed my hair, my eyes AND my name. I never heard from him again and I'm sure he forgot me.
Niall and Maya were childhood sweethearts, but when Niall leaves for X Factor, Maya is alone. Explore the journey of how she met him again, and how another band member fell for her, and how she mended her heart with him. But when something terrible accident happens, will she ever learn to love again? Will her memory be swiped clean because of the accident? Will the boys be able to save her? Will she choose Niall or Harry? Read to find out in the story of love, friendship, breakups, murder and devastation!


7. Plan

Harry's P.O.V:

I was texting non-stop over the 2 days on the bus.

I was texting Sarah trying to find out not only lots about her but lot's about Maya.

I learnt that her old name was Maeve, which reminded me of Niall's ex-girlfriends name, and that she was everything I could dream of.

She was sarcastic.

She was smart.

She was a tomboy.

She was a techno freak.

She wants curly hair!

She wants a serious relationship.

She suffers from a mini case of depression so she could cry on my shoulder.

She loves green.


She was my type but not mine.

Not yet at least.

I was playing my mind how to break up with Sarah then 2 weeks later ask Maya out!


"Um....Sarah we need to talk. I don't love you no more. I am sorry but I love someone else!"

(Do not know what her answer will be so yeah no answer)

2 weeks later!

"Um....Ma...May...Maya I have something to tell you. I have liked you since the day you won the tickets. Will you go out with me?"

(Still don't know the answer)


Well that was how it was gonna go until it went all wrong.

There was no need to break up with Sarah.

She broke up with me.

Well actually, she CHEATED on me!

I know because I saw it AND Maya told me. 

Now I don't have to give her my shoulder.

Because she gave me hers.

Then we kissed.

Well, I kissed her but still, she kissed back so that should be far.

If Sarah walked in and saw this I wouldn't care.

All I could think about was Maya.

Now all I needed to do was ask her.

Niall's P.OV: 

I have had Harry passing on information to me about Maya for the past 2 days now and so far, I'm freaking out.

I mean, it's not everyday your bandmate is dating the girl who is a lot like your ex's friend.

Is it?

The only things different are:

Her hair is long, straight and black, not short, brunette and curly.

Her eyes are a piercing green, not soft brown.

She acts like a tomboy, not a girl.

She has depression, but my ex doesn't.

"Vas Happenin'?" Zayn yelled as he walked through the door from getting food. 

"Food!" I screamed, climbing over any obstacle that was getting in my way.

'What would this be like if Maeve was here?' I thought as I reached for the bag. 


iMessage from Hazza

Look at what I saw today! Does it deserve a prize...or a tabloid caption? 

(Image of Sarah cheating)

Gasping, I turned the phone around to show the others.

They just shook their heads as if the suspected that it would happen.

iMessage to Hazza

Sorry mate. Anything we can do to comfort you?

iMessage from Hazza

Nah it's ok mate...will be back later.

And that was that.

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