Angel in Our Midst


3. That Day

I had just stepped out of that shades of grey medow into this brilliant, blindong light. I wondered to myself if I had really done it. But my wondering feared as I walked, almost floated into the light. I gasped, sitting there in the middle of the medow, this paradise, filled to the brim with vibrant colors, fusias, fire tuck reds, school bus yellow, that contrasted with the baby blues, pale yellows and soft pinks, was this young man of about 18. His rugged good looks seemed to fit right in with the nature sourrounding him. His blond hair look as if it was on fire, surrounded by a halo of light, in the growing light. Even with his head a flame with caught my attention were those brilliant blue eyes, twinkling out at me and the cute boyish smile.

"This must be heaven" I thought with a sigh. "I finally came home, away from the pain." 

The young man shook his head with a knowing smile, as if he had read my mind. 

"Come her and enjoy the view," he invited as he patted the ground next to him. It was then that I noticed the red and white checked blanket and  the wicker basket next to it. 

Startled by the sound of his melodic voice in the quiet expanse, I suddenly hear a rush as a sounds from all around me, assulting me. I heard the water gurgling in a near by stream; the birds calling to one another in a friendly, familar way; and the bee's buzzing overhead. With each step into the the medow the noiose grow louder, but never in an uncomfortable way. I felt utterly at peace here. But the startled look on my face from the sudden assult of sound must have shown because the angel like man in front of me said  "come on I won't bite," with a wink.


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