Angel in Our Midst


10. That Day- Mike

          Hearing the name Nate transports me back, once again to that day. It is the day I met Emily. I witness the whole scene playing out from above. It is like I see the events playing out with double vision. One eye sees this young man with long, blonde hair he is searching for answers I can tell but I can only see him as if he is part of a black and white, silent movie. Then with the other eye I see in startling clarity, the fists flying towards Emily hitting first her face then her stomach. She is doubled over in pain; she cannot take it anymore. She gives one more, feeble attempt at fighting back, but cannot sustain herself. I watch as she gives herself over to her father’s will. I scream along with her watching in horror at the unspeakable things happening. In the other eye I see the young man hurrying towards Emily. I send a silent prayer his way to help him get to her in time. Almost simultaneously, Emily’s dad ambles away as the young man walks into the house. I watch him as he finds Emily sprawled out in pain, barley breathing. I see Emily though eyes, black and white and color at the same time. It is eerily surreal. I am grateful to this young man who can help Emily in ways that I cannot.

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