Angel in Our Midst


6. That Day- Mike


She had finally pulled herself out of the gloom; how she did it I will never know for sure.  She was almost gone when she found me. I was so glad that she did though, no matter how weak she was when she got there. I had known her long before we had ever met in person. I had been watching for her, rooting for her through the sad times, and the bad times. I was her silent, invisible cheerleader. I felt as if I already knew her.

As she entered my domain she brought with her life. The life transformed my little piece of heaven into heaven.  The beautiful landscape came to life, as she entered.  I struggled to hide my surprise at the affect she had on the landscape; the river came to life with a gurgle; their birds started speaking again and took to the air in one great swoop of their wings; the bees started drifting from flower to flower, pollinating once again.  I could tell what she was thinking and it made me smile.  This was not heaven, not really I thought to myself, until she walked in. I asked her to join me. I wanted to be nearer to this amazing girl with long, dark, tempting hair, which I had watched all her life. This was something I had never, in my wildest dreams, believed that this would have happened to me. Startled by my voice, she jolted, and slowly realized the sights and sounds she had created, not that she realized they were alive thanks to her. Feeling bad about all the sounds, sights, and false feelings. I invited her to join me, once more, on my blanket that had also appeared at her arrival.  Looks like my world was trying to tell me something.

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