Angel in Our Midst


2. Present Day

Looking back on my footsteps, I can not belive that I once walked there. Things have changed, I silently reflected.  


Jumping at the sound of my name, I turned to see Mike, my wonderful husband, standing in the doorway framed in the soft golden light of the slowly fading sun. The lost rays of the daylight cascaded over Mike, Catching his blond hair on fire. My heart warmed at the sight, a small smile tugged at the corns of my mouth, unconciuosly. His eyes twinkled at me, his smile matching mine. I am drawn to him, to my angel, I rise and slowly drift through the room as if I am floating on clouds. He chuckles as if reading my thoughts and steps forward and scoups me up in his strong arms. I take in the smell of him, heavenly. It is the smell of hardwork, lova and well just uniquly, mike.

"Your just in time for dinner," I remark from within the deep depths of his arms.

I tilt my head up to look at my wonderful man. I wink at him as we make eye contact. He leans in and gives me  a heartwarming kiss. He releases me as we part, except for my hand. I  swat him on the arm and lead the way through our livingroom into the spacious kitchen we designed. 

The smell of chocolate chip cookies waft out of the oven,  our favorite dessert.

"Remember when we first shared chocolatechip cookies?" I asked him, with a twinkle in my eye.

"I remember," my angel replied in a husky voice, as we both refected on that single moment that changed everything.... 


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