Angel in Our Midst


11. Present Day- Emily

“I miss that dream world, my mom, my sister, and Nate. They are all calling to me to come back to them. I feel horribly cruel knowing that I can come back to them and ease their pain. But I don’t because I enjoy myself here so much. If I leave here I will be leaving all that is known to me and head into the unknown. But,” I wonder aloud, “is the unknown better or worse?”  I pause to judge Mike’s reaction. I want him to respond, to tell me I am crazy for wanting to leave instead he shocks me.

            “Why don’t you try the unknown, honey? This place was never ment for you to be here forever. This is just a resting place for you to recover. While I love you more than anything, I want what is best for you. You can come back to heaven when it is your time, but we have both known for awhile that you are to young and healthy to be living here, among the dead.”

            This short speech startles me. This is a totally different side of Mike, I have very rarely seen. He is trying to make it easier for me to leave because he knows it is best for me, but I know this is hard for him.

            “What about you, though” I ask.

            “Who me?” he asks in a slightly joking manner, “I will survive.” He follows his words with a wink, and then becomes more serious. “I will stay here where I belong and help others into heaven. I will watch you from above, as I have been doing before you went into a coma. Now I get to watch my young beautiful wife go on and live her life as she was meant to. I will watch her grow old and have children, something that can never happen here. These are among other things, are what you are being robbed of while you are here with me.” I heaved a sigh at his words knowing that he is right, as usual.

             “I think it is time to take you to work with me,” Mike says, with a small, sad smile on his face. He grabs my hand and leads me through the door.

            I am walking again through the meadow. The sights and sounds assault me, but this time I am holding hands with Mike. I feel as if I am on fire. I look down at our entwined hands and realize we are both alight. I gasp, as I realize we really are flouting through the meadow, slowly growing closer to the ground. My bare feet touch the soft, green grass lightly. I stumble and take a step. With each step I take, the ground becomes harder and greyer. The brilliant meadow and Mike slowly fade. I start to cry and turn back, but I cannot. So I plow forward back to my real life.

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