Angel in Our Midst


4. Present Day- Dinner

Mike's wink brought me back to the here and now.

"What?" I asked rather indigently, embarrassed at being caught in another world.

"Nothing," he replied with a knowing look and a laugh in  his voice.

"Are you going to eat any of this wonderful food you cooked for us?"  Mike paused judging my reaction then jokingly said "You know that you can't have dessert until your plate is empty." I laughed at his antics and began eating the golden brown potatoes and grilled stake off my plate and, pushed my earlier thoughts out of the way. 

"So, how was work today?" I questioned him as I always did during meals.

"Boring without you there by my side," came his usual response. While what he was saying was sweet it had an underling tension to it.

"Maybe I could go with you to work tomorrow," I told him sweetly with a wink. He just laughed at me. We both knew I could not or would not ever be able to go to work with him. I heaved an involuntary sigh, trying to keep my face neutral, knowing that it would hurt Mike if he knew.

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