One direction lovers


2. NOOO DONT GO.....................

The two girls walk to school and see the limo they run up to it and look in the windo and see that there is a gun pointing to there heads and Katherine gets shot and Polina starts to run. the boy that had the gun screamed out loud "uhh she got away no, no, no dangit." Then Polina runs to Harry and liam and while she runs she starts to cry and finally she gets to the boys and the two boys ask her why she was crying and she said that Katherine got shot in the head and the Polina starts to cry harder and harder. Louis came out of the backround saw polina crying and aimed the gun at her haed and tried to fier the gun but he couldent and he just ran back to Niall and Zayn and said to them the deed was done.

Niall smiled freakishly and at that moment Melissa walked in and asked why Niall was smiling freakishly he just told her that he was shoing the others a creapis smile. She laughed and gave Niall a kiss on the lips." Oh hay Melissa." Louis said. "Hi Loui how are you two other boy are you good huh are you because i heared that you shot Katherine in the head and that was the..............................." the what babe" said Niall "the best thing you guys ever did honey bunny bear, i love you guys so much expecaly you baby."reaplied Melissa.

Polina was still crying so hard that Liam thought that her eyes were going to pop out but thank god they dident or it would have been a big mess. "Hay babe dont be sad its ok will go out to a nice place and you'll forget allabout it" said Liam. "No i wont ever forget it because she was my best friend and i also saw the person who killed her i think it was Louis, zayn,or Niall it was one of those boys they told you guys that they were living the band and so they went to killed her." Polina told the boys. 

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