One direction lovers


1. Katherine and I........the first lovers

Katherine and Polina walk to school like any other day but today they walked the long way because today they had there tests and wanted to be late and miss the tests. On the way to school they saw a limo and ran up to it because there's never ever limos where they were and so that's why they ran. They both looked in the limo and they saw the five one direction boys! Then they looked at each other and screamed out loud "AHHHH IT'S THE ONE DIRECTION BOYS." Liam the hottest one wound down the window and said "hi girls are you fans?" The two girls screamed "YES, YES, YES WE ARE!!!!!!!!" Liam asked if they wanted to get a autograph,ride to school and a hug. And the two girls saaaaid "ok why not" but in there heads they were screaming like anything but they didn't in front of Liam and the others because they would think that they were idiotic and immature.

Polina sat next to Liam and Katherine sat next to Harry. They both looked at each other and smiled. Harry and Liam asked the two girls what they were doing at the alley the two girls replied "we went that way to school because we had a test and wanted to miss it" Harry and Liam laughed (HARD). The two girls asked why they were laughing so hard. Harry and Liam said "ohh nothing its just that you said that you went that way to school because we had a test and wanted to miss it" then the two girls started laughing and then they got to school.

The next day the girls saw the one direction boys again and got a ride. The girls now always go see the boys then they started dating and the girls got so close to the one direction boys that Niall, Louis and Zayn got angry and told Harry and Liam one day that they were living the band and they said to them to never ever talk  to them again........(WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?????????) 

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