Escaping Humanity

Kris is a 15 year old girl who lives in London. She feels empty, like something is missing from her life. She hates the bustle of the streets, the endless noise, the cars and the polluted air. So when her step-mother and father go on holiday to america, leaving her to care for her annoying step-brother, she takes her home and her life, into her own hands...


6. You what?


"Ugh!" He says "You're so thick, sweetie!" he chuckles. Ok, now I am really confused and angry now.

"I hate it here, just like you! And I am going to run away with you! We will make preparations to leave immediately.....well, after we eat my amazing pancakes! I made a list of what we need and everything!" 

"YOU WHAT!?!?" I yell at him

"you heard me!" he says, flashing his almost annoyingly perfect teeth at me "I made a list, now eat up!"

"But I don't understand, why?" I question, and this makes him falter

"why what.....Look I'll explain everything when we go shopping, but for now," he places the plate of pancakes on the table "Eat up, sweet cheeks!" 

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