Escaping Humanity

Kris is a 15 year old girl who lives in London. She feels empty, like something is missing from her life. She hates the bustle of the streets, the endless noise, the cars and the polluted air. So when her step-mother and father go on holiday to america, leaving her to care for her annoying step-brother, she takes her home and her life, into her own hands...


5. what the actual hell is going on


As I walk up the stairs,  I notice that my Step-brother hasn't put his school bag by the door. A clear indication that he doesn't intend on going to school any time soon. Well, I call him my step-brother but seeing as I barely count as one of the family members he isn't really my 'brother' at all. He is actually the same age as me, but he acts like a total baby. He isn't actually related to me at all, he is the product of my lovely step-mothers first marriage. Now would also be a convenient time to point out that my father is her 10th husband in the space of 15 and a half years. 

"KRIS!!!" He yells, where the heck is he? "HOW MANY PANCAKES DO YOU WANT?" what? what the hell did he just say? 

As I enter the kitchen I see Joe making pancake batter and getting covered in flour. 

"What the heck Joe!" I say "What are you doing?!"

"Makin' pancakes." He says, grinning 

"Like what the actual hell is going on Joe?"




sorry for the short chapter, but i have a little case of writers block :(

If you have any ideas for a chapter please comment below :) 

Thank you my sexy pumpkins ;* 

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