Escaping Humanity

Kris is a 15 year old girl who lives in London. She feels empty, like something is missing from her life. She hates the bustle of the streets, the endless noise, the cars and the polluted air. So when her step-mother and father go on holiday to america, leaving her to care for her annoying step-brother, she takes her home and her life, into her own hands...


7. Shopping


"Okay, lemme get this straight." I say to Joe "You are just as fed up of this hell hole of a home as me and you are going to run away with me?" 

"Pretty much!" he answers "I mean seriously! I thought you were meant to be intelligent, 'byesyebye?' when that is spoken by a 15 year old boy, when is that ever not going to be a cry for help!" he sticks his tongue out at me as he looks down at his list.

"What is on the list first?" I ask

"The first things on the list are... two backpacks, two torches, two swiss army knifes and some camping rope."

"Shouldn't we split up and we could be done in half the time?" I ask, he looks crestfallen, I wonder why...

"Uhh, yeah. ok, I'll get the knifes and the torches... meet you back here in 5." He says, unenthusiastically and runs off.

I turn and look around, this is going to be easy....

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