Escaping Humanity

Kris is a 15 year old girl who lives in London. She feels empty, like something is missing from her life. She hates the bustle of the streets, the endless noise, the cars and the polluted air. So when her step-mother and father go on holiday to america, leaving her to care for her annoying step-brother, she takes her home and her life, into her own hands...


4. Finally! They're gone!


Buzz Buzzz Bu - CRASH! "Oh crap!" I splutter under my breath as I my reflexes kick in and I try to catch the clock even though its already on the floor. For once, the house isn't in total darkness, I can already hear cars outside the window. Thats odd, today is a friday, so why would people be rushing about on 5 am today than they would be any other friday, or just any other day? I check the clock just to be sure that there isn't some mistake - 7am. 

Oh NO! This isn't fair! how am I supposed to get all my chores done in one hour that I usually get  done in 3, and I need an extra half hour to make breakfast so that it is ready for my 'special little brother' as soon as he enters the kitchen! I bet he did this, I haven't changed the setting on my alarm clock for weeks, months even!

I rush around, frantically trying to scrub the floors with the mop that only has half a handle, happy thoughts Kris, happy thoughts. 

"KRIIIIiiiIIIIIISSSSSssSS" my step-mothers voice pierces the silence in the same way that nails on a chalkboard would. 


"COMING" I yell back, sheesh, if what I do is soooooo  easy then why doesn't she just come to me and show me how its done hmmmm? I'm just saying, just saying. 

"Ah, your here. Take these suitcases down to the car before my husband gets up. I don't want him to hurt himself." God woman! Its not like i'm stronger than him. Do you notice how she says 'my husband' rather than 'your father'? I guess its her way of taking possession of him, as well as everything he owns, and in her opinion that would also include me. 

Once I am down in the car I notice that it has its sunroof open and some great big bird has just gone and pooped right on my stepmothers seat, nice. I'll have to clean that up, maybe I could say I was going food shopping then dash off before she can make me......

Suddenly our apartment window is thrown open and I hear my stepmother yelling "Don't just stand there DOSING! Your lucky enough that we let you stay here, the LEAST you could do is PULL YOUR WEIGHT AND NOT BE SO SELFISH!!!!" Yeah, because I am ​defiantly  the selfish one in this situation. Yep thats me, so selfish. I hate her. 

I quickly hurry back up the stairs and bring all the rest of the suitcases to the car. Now I have nothing to do until my stepmother finds out there is bird poo on her seat. Oh yes! I have the best get away ever.

"excuse me"

"What?" She replies coldly 

"There are no more chocolate chips left for you sons pancakes." I say, wide eyed and innocent. She seems horrified by the idea.

"Well don't just stand there stupid!!!! Quick! Off to the shop with you! GO. NOW." And off I do go, grabbing a few coins from the pot and walking as quickly as I can in the direction of the shop. Just as I turn the corner, I hear a horrified shriek from my stepmother who now knows she will have to clean her chair herself!!!!


When I get back they are all ready to go. I stand my the door smiling and waving, not because I am happy for them but because it annoys my stepmother to see me happy.

"Byesyebye" My stepbrother calls from the window -he is such a baby.

"Bye darling" and just like that they are gone. Finally, they're gone.

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