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Jade summers life was perfect until her 17th birthday. Everthung changed after that but after meeting a special sPecial someone it all changed again.

This is my first ever fanfic please give feedback it would help and any suggests :) thx xxx


6. Who are you?

Nialls POV:

I ran into the hospital, and straight to the registration desk! 

"Harley Carter" I said gasping 

"Close relations and only" The woman said.  

"Boyfriend" I said with tears escaping my eyes.

She smiled a sympathetic smile at me. "Come with me honey"  

She led me up many flights of stairs and down a long hall. "In here" She said. 

She stepped into a small room, Harley was lying on the bed motionless with god knows how many wires and tubes coming from her to machines. I ran over to her and grabbed her hand.

Just then a doctor walked in "Can you please tell me what happened?" I said trying to hold back tears.

"Car crash, Shes in a coma, Her body has shut down she is sleeping."  He said.

Car crash.. I could of drove her home! this is all my fault. "Can she hear me?"

"Its possible"

"When will she wake up?"

He hesitated.. "Well.. It could be weeks months..Years..."

"But she will wake up!" I worried 

"Look I'm sorry... things arent looking very good, She is showing no signs of waking up she also has no signs of..." He stopped.

"No signs of what!"  I shouted.

"She is showing no signs of survival" He looked away form me "We are doing our best for her" 

I broke down in tears and the doctor walked out. 

"Baby..Please I know you can hear me, dont die on me okay! we are going to spend the rest of our lives together remember! Were gonna get married! remember we talked about that!!, Please Harley, you cant, your too young! far too young! its not your time you! please! wake up!!"  I screamed. The nurse came running in. 

"Sweety, the doctor has to do some tests can you step back a minute?" He said

"Sure" I sniffed. I went to the very back of the room. 

Just then 3 teenage girls in tears slammed the door open! They were Harley's friends

"HARLS!" The shrieked! 


Jade POV:

 "HARLS!" We all shrieked 

As soon as we found out we rushed straight to the hospital, after the desk lady didnt let us see hr we found her ourselves.

"Girls! Please Shhh" The nurse glared at us. She then explained everything that had happened. 

And then asked us to step back. We started walking back towards the window when I ran into something I turned to see a blonde boy with a white tee.He covered his face. 

"Who are you?" We asked.

With his face still covered he ran out the room.

Who was he?  


Niall POV:

I sat in the canteen at the front of the hospital and waited until I saw Harleys friends leave. 

After hours I finally watched them walk out the front entrance, I ran back up to Harleys room. 

I talked to her for hours, gripped her hand tight. I kissed her a few times hoping she would wake up. 


Jade POV:

We went to see Harley everyday that week, But we never saw mysterious boy again, no body mentioned him. 


Niall POV

I went to see Harley everyday that week  , but i never saw the gilrs aain, and I asked the doctors and nurses not to mention me to them.

she had been in coma for over 2 months. 

I sat next to her bed and talked to her as normal. I listed to the mechines beside her beep as usual


"Harley I dont know why i havent said this before.. but honestly .. i..i lo..

BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP... He heartbeat went flat and Alarms went off Docotrs and nurse barged in.. they pushed me out of the way and started trying to start her heart beat again. 

After a while they all stopped. They turned to me. 

"I'm sorry" A doctor said walking over "We've done everything we can, shes gone."



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