Just believe

Jade summers life was perfect until her 17th birthday. Everthung changed after that but after meeting a special sPecial someone it all changed again.

This is my first ever fanfic please give feedback it would help and any suggests :) thx xxx


4. Well this is awkward

Niall's P.O.V

Well this is awkward. My girlfriend standing right infront of me. We tryed to avoid each other in crowed places so people wouldnt suspect that we were dating. Im guessing she hasnt told her friends yet because they dont look like they knew. I told the boys because you know there my mates and we tell each other everthing. They also swore not to tell ANYONE!

"They cant know, they will flip out and be mad at me for not telling them straight away" she whispered in my ear. Her sweet warm breath tickled my ear and sent shivers down my spine.Her sky blue eyes had worry all through them.

I gave her the 'Everything is going to be ok' look. She nooded in aprovement and smiled at me. I smiled back and touched her nose. She giggled silently so the others didnt here.

Harley's P.O.V

I cant believe we are standing in the same place at the same time. How did this happen? I havent told Jade, Caitlin or Skye about my relatioship with Niall. They would kill me.

"They cant know,they will flip out and be mad at me for not telling them straight away" I whispered in his ear. I knew he had already told his band mates as we had already discussed. I was fine with him telling them because i knew that they wouldnt have the same reaction as the girls would.

With his gorgeous blue eyes he gave me the 'everythings goning to be ok' look i smiled at him and he smiled back.

His Beautiful blonde hair was all messed up probaly from all the running he had to do to get away from those screaming fans.I wanted to Kiss him right then and there but i knew that if i did the girls would find out. I was sad about that but it was for my own good and for theirs.

I decided it was time to go before i got myself into trouble with the girls.

"Hey girls we better heaad of if we want to be ready in time for tonight" i said

"Whats going on tonight' asked Zayn

"Its Jades birthday so we are going out" replied Skye

"Is it your birthday" asked Harry looking at Jade

"Yep sure is" Said Jade with a giggle

"Well then Happy Birthday to you" Said Harry with a cheeky smile.

"Thankyou" she answered with a smile spread across her face.

Niall's P.O.V

I could see that Harry Liked Jade. He had that Cheeky look in his eyes. He only gets it when he falls for a girl and hard.And the way he looks at her you can tell straight away.

"How old are you turning Jade?" asked Liam

"Ummm 17" Replyed Jade

Harrys face lit up. he knew that she was old enough to date him so he was happy :)

"so we better be off" Skye said

WE said our goodbyes. I didnt want to leave Harley but i knew i would see her again.

The girls walked off. Harley turnd around and blew a kiss to me i grabbed it out of the air and put it against my heart. She giggled to herself again.

after the girls were out of sight the boys came up to me.

"Who was that?'' asked Louis curiously.

''Thats my girlfriend" i replyed with a smile

"Is that Harley" asked Zayn

i nodded

"dang shes pretty!'' said Liam

"Hands off shes mine and if u try to do any funny buissness wuth her ur DEAD!" i said

"ok ok sorry" said liam with is hands up.I gave him the evils and walked back towards the place that paul was waiting at.





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