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Jade summers life was perfect until her 17th birthday. Everthung changed after that but after meeting a special sPecial someone it all changed again.

This is my first ever fanfic please give feedback it would help and any suggests :) thx xxx


7. She's not to blame..


Jade's POV:

it had been two months since Harley had been in a coma, we started to worry if she would ever recover. Life so far had been so crap without her, it made me realize how much I actually needed her, Thoughts started flying about my mind, what if she died! what would happen then! 

Telling everyone was very hard especially telling my parents when we got back from the club the night it happened 

*Flash back*


We walked in to my house shaking, and my parents immeditly jumped off their chairs


"Shut up you!" My mum said slapping my dad on the chest. we said nothing, our mouths dry. 

"Darling.." My mum said realizing I was upset, she looked at me caitlin ans skye and suddenly clicked. 

"Where's Harley!" She gasped! 

We told them the whole story, about how she had been in a car accident and that she was at the hospital with her parents just now. 

"Nonsense!" My father balled!  "Are You drunk!" He demanded 

I shook my head


Just then all three of us, me caitlin and skye burst into tears in unison

"Oh my god.." My mum said quietly "Its true


*end of flash back* 


Before going to visit Harley (like we did daily) me and the 2 girls were going to meet up with some other friends we met in school at a coffee bar. 

Skye drove us there, we were all sad, we had been sad for months now. 

We arrived at the bar and our friends gave us sympathetic hugs, 

First, Joey (One of Harley's, past boyfriends.. but I wont get into details.. for Harley they were dark days, even though they are very close friends now)

Then Brandon (Cutest guy ever, best friends with Joey,)

And lastly Rory, (Best looking one by far, for years All four of us girls had had a huge crush on him!) 

we talked for a while, mostly about Harley, Just then My phone rung

The caller ID was Harley's! I shreeked with excitement. I Showed everyone and they replied with a chorus of

"Answer it!" 

I answered it and put it on speaker.

"Hellloo.." I shook 

"Hello" It wasn Harley, it was a man, he didnt sound very happy. "Jade this is Dr. Cliff, I'm afriad its bad news, around 20 minutes ago.. Harley.. she.. shes no longer with us." 

I froze we all froze 

"You can come round and pic up her stuff" 

He hung up the phone. I burst into tears and fell into Joey's arms.

2 hours later 

we spent a while at the hospital before finally going home, when arriving at my house we walked up to my room still in tears , after gathering ourselves together we decided on what we should do with her stuff we started to look though her phone. We came across some messages for someone called Ni-Ni 

"who the hell is that?" Caitlin asked as she started to scroll though her messages. 

 some talked about Zayn. Harry  Louis and Liam, one direction... others about how she couldnt tell us?.. 

Harley was dating Niall Horan!!!! 

We instantly picked up the phone and called Niall! 

He answered but didnt talk..

"Niall" I sniffed still crying "Its jade" 

I could tell he had been crying too "She's not to blame, she wanted to tell you she couldnt, I told her not to,I'm sorry" and he hung up. 


That was the last we heard of Niall, or any of the boys from one direction...well for a few years at least.. 






#Authors note


Hiiiiii Guys! I'm Harley (Harley_Loves_Horan) and yeah, I wrote this chapter and few before this; all ideas go to Jade(forever and always) so i just wrote, I dont have the brains, I just made it reality :) 

So yeah Just thought I'd introduce myself to you

I might be writting more of this in the future. 

If you want check out my movella 'It's still the real me' or 'Daddy styles' which I am also a co-author :)




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