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Jade summers life was perfect until her 17th birthday. Everthung changed after that but after meeting a special sPecial someone it all changed again.

This is my first ever fanfic please give feedback it would help and any suggests :) thx xxx


5. Party time!!


"whoop whoop!" Harley Screamed, she Jumped out of the car "PARTY TIME!" and she ran straight for the club.

"Alright, who gave her a pixie stick?" I asked Skye and Caitlin. Giving Harley a tiny little stick of sherbet  was the exultant  to setting off a crazy bomb!

"Of course not, we're not that stupid!, she just been in a great mood since we left the One Direction boys" Caitlin replied

"True, whats gotten into her?, shes not even interested in one direction?" Skye added. 

"At least she's happy?" I said. Just then Harley came running back up to the car that me, Caitlin and Skye were still sitting in. She tapped the window as a gesture to me to wind it down. One the window was open she pocked her small head through it

"Guys! Hello!, It's Jades birthday! We came to this club, To dance!" she started doing a few little dance moves out side of the car "We didn't come here to sit in the clubs car-park and think 'Gee wasn't this fun', Move your asses!" 

We all did as we were told and climbed out. We stood in a line and linked arms before the four of us walked into the club. Our short dresses blew in the wind. Skyes; Blue Caitlins; White Harleys; Black and Mines;Red.

When we entered the club, music started burning though our ears! 

"Alright Love, lets dance" Caitlin said to all three of us in her best Louis Tomlionson impersonation.  We all laughed and headed for the dance floor. 

~2 hours later~

We hadnt been off the dance floor since we got here. Two hours into the night, we were all getting pretty thirsty. Once the currant song had finished I tuned to the girls.

"I'll, go get us some drinks." They all nodded and continued dancing 

I walked over to the bar and asked the barman for my drinks "3 Cokes please"  

Just think in one year all of us will be legally able to drink. Well everyone apart from Harley, having only just turned  sixteen she still has 2 more years to go, which I know she is really bummed about. 

After the barman had handed me my drinks on a tray I turned around without looking(Stupid idea) and crashed into some guy, my drinks went all over him!

"OH MY GOD! I'm so sorry!" I shrieked

He laughed "It's okay!" He said, I recognized his accent.

I looked up and it was none other than.. Harry Styles!



"HAY! BIRTHDAY GIRL!" I said, when I realized who it actually was that had just chucked coke all over me. She smiled at me "Jade right?" She nodded. 

"Harry right?" She joked, at least I think she was joking. She winked at me. Okay she was joking. 

"You here with all the other boys?" She asked, was she hoping for one of the other boys instead of me? I nodded.

"You here with your friends from the mall?" 

"Yup, Skye, Caitlin, Harley" 

Harley. Harleys here, Niall will be happy! All he ever talks about is Harley this and Harley that. I laughed to myself. 

"Whats so funny?" Sh*t she noticed. 

"Nothing, here let me help you with those drinks" I took the drinks to the table her friends were sat at. Harleys eyes widened I gave her a cheeky wink and started talking to Jade. 

"Fancy a dance?" She asked. I Certainly fancy her. 

"Go on then" I said, trying to play it cool. 

On the way to the dance floor I spotted Niall. I grabbed the collar of his shit and led him to the dance floor. 

"Surprise" I said pushing him into Harley who was walking towards the dance floor. 


 Once Harry pushed Niall into me I stated to loose my balance. I started wobbling. Niall put his hands on my waist so I wouldn't fall over. 

"Dont fall for me too hard" He joked. His sweet Irish accent harmonized in my ears. "Come with me" He whispered. 

"Wait!" I said and walked back to my friends "I just saw an old friend out side , I'm gonna go talk to her for a bit, I'll be back soon." They all nodded at me. Including Harry, who winked at  me again. 

I turned around and winked at Niall, as if to say follow me. We would out of the front entrance to the club."Where now?" I asked him. he took my hand and led me to the side of the building where the club kept there dumpsters. 

"Very romantic" I laughed.  

 "I dont care where I am, as long as I'm with you" He looked right into my eyes. I hadn't seen him in almost 2 months. I constantly miss him,but Its not his fault hes part of the biggest boy band in the world. 

He leaned in to kiss me, I hadn't kissed him for ages..I'd almost forgotten what it felt like. Our lips touched, there go the fire works.

Once we had stopped kissing I pulled out my phone 12:30 am. I had to go. 

Unlike Niall, Skye, Jade and Caitlin. I was still in school, I was the baby! still 16! 

"I have to go." I said to him.

"Noo!" he whispered. But after raising my eyebrows at him he understood. 


Jade POV:

Me, Skye and Caitlin stayed in the club after Harley and Harry left. We felt bad for Harley but she insisted we stay. 

I was still on top of the world! my best birthday present ever! HARRY STYLE'S PHONE NUMBER!! ahhhhhhh! 

About an hour after Harley left. Skye got a phone call.

"HELLO!" She screamed, trying to get over the music. "Hello!OK Hold On!" She screamed and went into the bathrooms for a quieter atmosphere. 

About 15 minutes later she came out of the bathroom shell shocked. She had sears coming out her eyes but her face was frozen.

"Skyezy!" Caitlin and I said in unison  "Whats wrong"

"We..we have to go.." She stuttered. 

"What..why?" I asked confused 

"H..Harleys In hostipal" She Whispered. 

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