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Jade summers life was perfect until her 17th birthday. Everthung changed after that but after meeting a special sPecial someone it all changed again.

This is my first ever fanfic please give feedback it would help and any suggests :) thx xxx


9. 2 Years later..

*2 years later* 

Jade's POV:

So it's been almost 2 years since Harley died, and I'm not coping with her and the scars on my arms show that, she was my best friend we had known each other since we were babies, we had so many memories... all four of us! me caitlin skye and harley! and now shes gone.. a part of my life had gone.. 

I know she'd hate the fact that I was cutting.. but She would also understand why and she would do everything in her will to stop me.. and she probably would convince me to stop but then again.. shes not here...  she never will be again.. 

I dont leave the house other than to go to school.. even when I'm there I dont talk to anyone, I just linger around with Caitlin and Skye who are taking Harley's death a lot better than me.. 

The girls ivite me to clubs and parties but the last party or club I went to was my 17th birthday,,I am never going there again. 

It was  the night before my 19th  birthday.. that means tomorrow it will be 2 years since Harley's accident that cause her death. 

I turned over on my bed and picked up the photo of me and Harley, like i did most nights

The next thing I knew i was waking form a deep sleep, I fluttered my eyes and looked outside it was light. Great 3..2..1..


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" My door swung open and my parents sister skye and caitlin walked in. 

My mum handed me a bow. it was a new phone.. i didnt need it. But i thanked her. 

My sister walked over and handed me a macaroni necklace

"Wow.. I love it" I said

"Put it on" I tried to put it over my head but it wouldnt fit.

"Oh..I'll fix it"  She said 

"No!" I wrapped it around my wrist twice. 

she giggled and walked out. 

followed by my parents. 

Living me skye and caitlin. 

Skye handed me a envelope. I opened it slowly I saw the name one direction and though it across the room. 

"Jade Please!" Skye yelled

"NO!" I hated them ever since Niall wouldnt let Harley tell us about them! I hated them! the night i found out abou them I tore every 1D poster down and got rid of every CD and whenever their voices played though the radio i switched it off! I used to be obsessed! 

"These are passes to A CD signing! Any girl would die for-" She stopped after realising what she had just said,,,, "I'm sorry.. I did-"

"Its Fine" I thought about it.. Harley wouldnt want me to hate them.. it wasnt really their fault I could hear harley in my head.. 'Jade give them a chance..'  I had to.. plus.. I need to see harry again.. Its eating me inside.. 

"When is it?" 

"Tonight" They siad together..

"TONIGHT......FineI'll go..." 

They both hugged me. 

Caitlin went in her pocket and brought out a box.

"Here" I opened the box.. It was a locket .. I knew exactly who's locket it was.. 

"harley's mum wanted you to have it. we cant get it open though."  

tears formed in my eyes, 

"Come 'ere" Skye said And hugged me tightly. 

*That night*

"Changed my mind, lets go home" We were neat the front of the queue and I could see harry curl by curl, I felt sick! 

"Jade no!" Caitlin said 

"For Harley" Skye said and took my hand. 

Caitlin said the same and took my other hand

"For Harley" I said and squeezed their hands 

We were next.. this is it.. 

We walked up., First was Zayn.. He whipered somthing to liam who was next then liam to louis they all gave us weird looks.. Louis said somthing to haryy and he looked up.. his eyes widened 

"Birthday girl!" He screamed 

Niall (Who was the last) Sprung his head up and look like he was going to faint, He ran out. Followed by liam. 

Harry walked over to paul (Security) and said something to him. 

"Oi you three, come here" Harry yelled 

All the girls in the queue screamed  "No take me" "SO LUCKY!"

"I feel like I'm going to be sick" I said to caitlin as we followed harry. 

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