Just believe

Jade summers life was perfect until her 17th birthday. Everthung changed after that but after meeting a special sPecial someone it all changed again.

This is my first ever fanfic please give feedback it would help and any suggests :) thx xxx


2. 17th birthday

I walk through the door 'hello is anybody here' I say. The floor starts to creek and
I can hear heavy breathing. I start to scream but I
Freeze as I feel sOmeones hand go over my mouth......

I wake up to my sister shaking me. My sister Layla is 5 years old I love her to pieces but she can be a pain sometimes.

'sissy get up sissy!' Layla yells

'let me sleep Layla its Saturday' I say to her as I roll over to face the wall.

'but sissy it's ur birthday and I need breakfast!' Layla complains
Oh yea forgot its my birthday im turning 17 today I have been waiting for this day for months and finally it's here!! I jump out of bed and into the shower.

'I'll be out in a sec Layla let me have a shower, go ask Jas to make you breakfast' I yell frm the bathroom

'ok' Layla said as she drags herself out of my bedroom.

Jas (short for Jason) is my brother he is 18 and leaves for collage in 2 days he was able to push it 2 days so he could stay for my birthday So technically he is leaving on Monday.

As I hop out of the shower i hear my phone go off. I run over to it and check it. I have 3 new messages

From kitty<3 'Morning gorgeous hope u slept well happy 17th birthday cya soon xxx'

From skyezy<3 'GET UR ASS OUT OF BED IT'S UR BIRTHDAY DON'T MAKE ME COME OVER AND PULL U OUT OF BED!!!!! P.S happy birthday be there soon :P' (that's Skye for ya)

From Harls<3 ' Heyy babe ready for tonight can't wait! Happy Birthday btw on my way :)'

God I love my besties :)
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