Kallie and Bailey have been best friends for as long as they can remember, but kallie has a big secret! Her brother is liam Payne, from One Direction! But Kallie's not aloud to tell anyone, No matter how much she begs. She wants to tell her best friend before she finds out for herself, will Bailey get fed up with not knowing her best friends secret and find out herself? Or will Kallie tell Bailey herself, and break the rules?..Bailey also has a secret, but not one person knows..will she slip before Kallie and spill her secret or will Kallie burst and tell her everything before her?
Well I'd tell you but id give everything away! Just read and find out! cx


2. Chapter Two

Bailey's POV:
"One chance?" he whispered making a shiver go down my spine. "Okay.." I said softly. He smiled and kissed my cheek. "Will you come over now, and we can all just start over?" He asked softly. I nodded. "Okay." I said quietly. He smiles and took my hand making a shiver go down my spine again, but a good one. I think im falling for him. Or its cause im nervous. Yeah, its cause im nervous. We went inside and Kallie smiled. "Bailey!" She shouted. I smiled sadly. "Hi.." I said. "Im so sor-" I cut Kallie off yet again. "Kallie, calm down, its okay." I saidand pulled my hand
away from Liams and hugged her, she pulled away. "Okay i want you to meet everyone, properly." She said. I nodded and smiled, yet a fake smile, the one everyone thinks is real, when it isnt. I have a lot of secrets. My dad abuses me, i cut, i have anorexia, and i have suicidal thoughts. I had the same thing on yet i had a hoodie on. I come from Texas in the US of A. "Bailey meet Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam." Kallie smiled. I smiled. "Im Bailey." I said softly yet sweetly. "And im Kallie!" Kallie started joking around. "Im Ashley!" I smiled. "Hi Ashley im Jessi!" She smiled. "What?.." Zayn said obviously confused. "Its just something we do. We're always joking around." I say smiling. "Im starving lets eat!" Kallie said and pulled me to the car as she walked behind the boys. I got in and i was sitting by Louis.
Louis' POV:
I smiled as Bailey sat by me. I kinda have a crush on her. But not really a big deal. I have my crushes. And i can tell Liam was crushing on her by the way he looked at her. He looked a bit jeaulous that i was sitting by her. I've got to get them seems like they want to be together. "Liam switch seats with me, i wanna sit by the window." I said. "Louis' you are by the window." Liam said. "But Liiiaaaaam! I want that window!" I complained. "Okay okay." He said and we switched seats in the limo.
Liams POV:
Im happy i get to sit by Bailey. She's a sweet girl. I can tell. But shes hiding something. I wanna be there for her and I want her to trust me. But Kallie said she doesnt trust easy. Its gonna take a while. And definitly take some time. But its worth it..
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